The Real Conspiracy Exposed

Excerpts from “The Anglo-American Establishment” by Carroll Quigley [Historian for the CFR during the 1960’s]: http://mailstar.net/quigley.html Secret Societies …




  1. @KumarZimmerman08 You obviously don't understand the mindset of an Elitist family or group of families. They strongly believe in social Darwinism, survival of the fittest. They see themselves as more highly evolve than everybody else on the planet due to their vast accumulation of Wealth and the power and influence they hold over all governments and institutions of the world. Doesn't matter how white or "Aryan" you believe yourself to be, they still see you as an underclass,pleb, Goyim or cattle

  2. @KumarZimmerman08 When Cecil Rhodes was talking of "us English" he was talking about the English nobility or elite, not you and me. Also watch the video to end, you'll see that the "plan" changed from the "furtherance of the British empire" to Global Collectivism with control in private hands administered in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world.

  3. @chinderr Because most people fail to understand how serious this really is or just how advanced it really is. Modern culture is a wonderful distraction from reality, even many from the "truth movement" arn't willing to face this true reality.

  4. I really appreciate your work Alan, always informative, accurate & with no scaremongering in your tone or message, keep it up. Dave

  5. Thanks will look it up, there’s not many public speakers who deliver information in a clear knowledgeable way with a tone that’s a pleasure to hear!

  6. This was quite shocking when it was first revealed to me years ago. But who what why and when was the next questions? Are you ready? Are you sitting down? The New World Order is the Roman Catholic Churchs attempt to restart the inquisition. They will crash the economies of the world, reset currency, seize pensions, bank accounts, crash the derivatives market! The Jesuits will force us to worship Balder ie Lucifer on SUNday instead of Yahweh on Sat Sabbath! This will bring the plagues and Jesus!

  7. Further to my post below, we are on the verge of Jesus Christs return! The United States (2nd Beast of Rev) will support or give image to the first Beast, the Papacy! The USA will enforce a Sunday law on the entire world forcing us to worship Baal ie Lucifer on the day of the Sun, SUNday instead of our Creator on His Sat Sabbath. If you worship the Beast on SUNday you will take the Mark of the Beast taking it in the forehead and you will be lost forever! Atheists will take it in the hand!

  8. There is only one way to avoid the Mark of the Beast, Sunday worship – dont worship Baal ie Lucifer on Sunday but observe the Saturday Sabbath of Our Creator Yahweh! If you love me, keep my commandments. For in vain they worship, keeping the commandments of men. There is no scriptural support for Sunday observance – the transfer of Saturday Sabbath to Sunday! Check out The Greatest Deception John Triplett

  9. Griffin is putting out yesterday's news.  How come he has such a big rep and has no knowledge of The Pilgrims Society?  That's the central Rhodes group, you can toss the "round Table" stuff out the window.  See The Pilgrims on Google.

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