The Pyramids Of Antarctica Conspiracy

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  1. why have scientists not just gone there and taken samples and studied this so called mountain/pyramid in person?? I don't understand. this makes it all the more suspicious

  2. You can't go there because they don't want you to see a number of amazing things there, you are only allowed in certain places, under supervision, and that will cost you about $45,000 to get just to the supervised area, if they even approve your application to travel there.

    Saying it's for "safety" is laughable, do you realize how many dangerous places on earth you can travel alone and easily die? If safety was a concern you would not be allowed to explore volcanoes or climb Everest. If any of you believe that your government gives a shit if you freeze to death exploring Alaska, LOL, you can go there anytime you want and feel free to be eaten by a bear or fall in an icy river.

    Why in the world would there be so much security required for you as a civilian to go explore a bunch of ice? Really think about that with your actual brain for a minute and the answer is simple.

    As far as coal and other natural resources, none of that is going to be disturbed by you being there, you can tour coal and oil and diamond mines all over the world with no issue.

    There is a very real reason you are not allowed there, and even the rich and famous enough to get there are allowed to land in one small area for a guided tour by plane or ship. Millions of miles are off limits to you completely.

    This image was taken from a ship doing an ocean drilling expedition, nothing odd about this is there? : https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-1EdrZoQ7ysY/UFex-KjP1FI/AAAAAAAAAmw/5DthsyhMIe0/s1600/pyramid2.jpg

  3. well the military have kept it off limits for a long enough time for the freemasons to make another bullshit civilization .just like they did when they built the pyramids. cant be fukt listening to these fucking lies anymore

  4. I guess we won't know until they go and give it a thorough look over. But I personally think it is one, none of the best examples come close to its shape or symmetry. 😀

  5. You know the video will start very exciting but it will end with the same "there is no evidende .." statement at the end. We already k now they are just conspirscies and theories, but try to change the ending or the focus of your videos.

  6. I found the so-called pyramid on google maps

    Just copy paste the coordinates below to your google maps search box. It will bring you right to the peak of the pyramid. The rest is for you to judge

    81.9614305555555556W, 79.9773111111111111S

  7. Fake pictures of pyramids…and the one that is real is a mountain shaped like a pyramid. I wanted to hope they were pyramids too.But after researching..there not. It's a common occourence in glacial areas.There are many other pyramid shaped mountains throughout the world.They call them horns..I think Matahorn actually…Time to move on to something else..darn.

  8. This narrator is clearly a fucking tool bag. We see lots of physical evidence which includes skeletal remains and pyrimid structures that are identicaly positioned to other known pyrimid structures.
    Then trys to compare it to some random mountain peaks that have NO resemblance. ALL is ignored and is shifted to some INCOHERENT THEORY and ZERO backing. This is why the world will never improve as long as these propagandists are pushing bullshit for the stupid people.

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