The Pre Order Conspiracy?? – Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare News & Destiny Multiplayer Gameplay

In this destiny multiplayer gameplay i talk about this whole pre order thing with advanced warfare and destiny. its crazy!




  1. Either way is a win win situation for Activision, they are publishing both. And watch them screw up Destiny just like they did with COD and Guitar Hero. They are money hungry greedy bastards, the next COD ill even look at its because is Treyarch and they always deliver something new and different. And of course Zombies, but IW and Sledgehammer can go take a hike.

  2. I think destiny was all "hey advanced warfare. Your games not doing good. Want to team up and make both of us get them dollars? And advanced warfare was " sure well team up. Lets make a iresistible golden legendary overpowerd armor for your game and you need to pre order our game to get it " and destiny said " sure lets do that so we can be billionairs and you can be… someone that has money " so advanced warfare got either cheated by or pitied by destiny. I think destiny and advanced warfare are kinda the same with all the movements and uh…some weopons… n stuff… anyway their both future based and pretty good games. Besides its hard for cods developers cause people say that cod is to repetetive and want something new and not stupid, then they do something new and people say why did you change it now it sucks so advanced warfare has the most content, a better developer than before, tons of new badass weopons, and more awsome things and people say it sucks cause they changed it. So advanced warfare saw people wanted destiny so gave them destiny and advanced warfare isnt even finnished yet so it might get better and they havnt even reveald the co-op yet so just hold your balls before you judge it yet.

  3. Man what happened to COD after Black ops 2 man god Advanced Warfare is horrible they expected it to be the #1 most preordered game and look at them now lol but damn COD is dead to me now I'm sticking with Destiny and Battlefield

  4. If activison can help make a good game aka destiny why can't activison make good games for cod anymore like ghost and advanced warfare those were horrible

  5. Destiny is trash people who play it are trash. Advanced warfare is going to smack destiny around. And here's the kicker you guys are going to lose to call of duty. Hahaha call of duty of all thing

  6. You do know pre orders are affected by the previous game right? As in advanced warfare are coming off of the worst cod in history. Think about people loved cod 4 and preordered mw2. People loved mw2 and preordered black ops. Only then did the pre orders start to decline. Destiny is a brand new ip and a good one too. It has no bad history. Therefore high pre orders.

  7. lol look at people crying in your comments section just because you speak the truth, AW blows and we need more people to get off the band wagon and say it like it is. People buying shit call of duty games every year only make the developers believe that mediocrity is acceptable. I'm done with COD and online gaming in geneal, i'll be playing borderlands pre sequel and sunset overdrive.

  8. I was talking to my friend about how if you pre-order Advanced Warfare you get exclusives in Destiny. He had a point that it might actually be because they want you to buy both games. Both games are published by Activision so it's just a marketing scheme to get you to give them more money. It's probably partly because their pre-order sales are down for Advanced Warfare like you said though.

  9. Lol their trying to be slick, trying to make it look as if this wasn't even atleast a decent year for gaming. Well when the game does come we'll se just how low those sales will be. Next thing u know tho they start saying shit like this cod sold 20 mil copies and the community isn't even 100000 big

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