1. But what if you do not use the AR at all? My phone can't handle it so I've never used it. How would they see anything if I wasn't using it?

  2. This makes so much sense, at first i just saw it as a Mass Manipulator (stage one how to get a lot of people be the ultimate sheep and go to certain places) and even if the video isn t true they you brought them on an iea and it's going to be reality soon.
    But i think 90% is correct.

  3. this makes me wonder..
    with the new pokemon games coming, one of their big features for it is its new languages they are including. Some, if not most, were languages spoke in china. They really seem to be trying to break ground over there.
    watching this definitely got me thinking..

  4. If you think about it AR cannot function without gyroscope on your phone.. When you have other sensors that monitors rotation on your phone, like compass and gravity sensors. Why would they need gyroscope so bad ? If it was meant to look buggy as it is right now they could have just used other sensors. Compass does the job on 2D rotation, pointing your camera up and down could be perahps used with gravity sensor ? It sure sensores how is the phone rotated in the world, with really high accuracy, sluggish, but still high. What I mean is, they couldn't simply go for the typical rotation sensors, they needed even more accuracy, was it to smooth up how the pokemon 3d sprite shows on camera ? Eventually not, they still get really high accuracy to where exactly you're looking at, meaning they can get interiors with high precision

  5. Why did you insert that record scratch sound at the end of Van Damme's speech? I thought that was a good punchline – check your sense of humor (cause there's something wrong with it)

  6. The game isn't free… It's a freemium business model. It's got microtransactions meaning it encourages you to pay real money to gain an advantage…

  7. If they want pictures of the insides of businesses and people's homes so badly they'll have to actually provide AR that works on all devices. Virtually everyone I know who has played can't even use the AR. LOL

  8. Are whatsapp, Viber and skype also monitored by the government? Please do a video on this! I'm more concerned of skype, something always seems weird about it .

  9. Isn't that violating the LAW freedom of privacy?!…Freedom….The one thing Americans have forgotten.? This is coming from a 15 year old.

  10. they didnt need this app to do surveillance, if you had the phone to use the app then they could already locate, listen, and see you. but its an interesting theory though..

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