The Pizzagate Conspiracy

The Pizzagate Conspiracy It rocked Washington D.C. in December 2016, drawing in celebrities and politicians in equal measure – but what exactly was …




  1. time to wake up people, these people are sick, satanic devil worshipers and of course no one is going to come forward there neither dead or scared too. the media, "cia" are all controlled

  2. Half moon and the main satanic symbol on the pizzashop… and that on a background, where playing with symbolism is very popular

    And why not bring into game that spike of missing kids in washington?

  3. I have been going to comet pizza since I was 5 and here are some facts for u:
    yes there is a basement but it's a bar people go to that is accessed from the ping-pong room and you can rent it out for birthday parties if you want
    There aren't any secret tunnels or anything, but the bathroom doors are cool and look like they're hidden in the walls, which I think was the start of the whole secret tunnels thing
    I have never been kidnapped and forced to have sex with adults by them
    my friend and his family were across the street when that gunman went into comet and threatened everyone and he'd never been more scared
    I don't know anything about the John Podesta or Hillary connections, but I'm willing to have a diplomatic conversation about this because I'd like to hear other views and I know comet well

  4. are you guys serious ? anyone who thinks she is innocent is a fucking idiot and is salty Trump won. pull up at my house and we can fight it out. fucking idiots

  5. how many have die to bring all this information most be horrible.. and no one seams to care that the best part

  6. D.C. is riddled with underground tunnels that they don't tell to the public. look up the tags from people who post about it on social media, steel chambered rooms, odd stage appearances, and the politicians who go there. the owner of the place is dating the 50th most powerful man in d.c. and he works for soros. and the logo is the same as the international pedophile logo

  7. Kanye got sent to the Hollywood center for indoctrination and behavior reset. Lots of celebs get sent there when they misbehave.

  8. Where are the pictures of unpermited construction work inside pingpong pizza easy to find online?
    Where are the pictures of the FBI files identifying signs used by pedophile rings that we also see everywhere in the pizzagate locations and associations? Also, easy to find.
    Where are the emails? You talk about them, but don't show any, specially the ones claiming the WH used THOUSANDS of dollars having "pizza" and "hot dogs" brought in from another state?

    WHERE IS THE PART ABOUT SILSBY????? Arrested at Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children!!! The Clintons interveen and got her sentence reduced, but couldn't save her lawyer.

    And more, and more, and more….

    Seriously guys, been subscribed since the start…
    First video of yours I ever disliked…

  9. There is so much frightening crazy on display in the comments. I have a serious question for the sane few that are prodding the actually disturbed on: aren't you the least bit ashamed?

  10. The fake 'shooter' that showed up, fired a bullet through a door hitting, and destroying the hard drive. True story bro.

  11. This video was obviously produced to discount the pizza gate narrative. Of course they're all going to deny any participation in satanic rituals, child trafficking, pedophilia or any other criminal or unsavory activity. In addition, there's a lot more information and subjects to be addressed and discussed than just pedophilia and the decision not to prosecute Hillary because Comey said no Reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against her due to lack of intent is a load of bullshit. I heard Attorney Jay Sokolov, Judge Pirro and Judge Napolitano as well as several others say they didn't know of a prosecutor who wouldn't bring charges against her if given the case. This video is BULLSHIT and propaganda devised to lead away from the truth. Read the email relating to pizza gate. They're not talking about having a picnic. The pedophelia is rampant in Washington D.C. and all over the World. The child trafficking has been and still is happening. Why are so many children being abducted, kidnapped and missing but we very rarely find them or their remains? Why are so many of the same people who are known for being sexual predators, convicted pedophiles or suspected of satanic rituals involving the use of children in one way or another associated with one another? For example; Jeffrey Epstein, Bill & Hillary Clinton, John & Tony Podesta, Anthony Weiner, Uma Abidean and many others? Why are so many children missing from Haiti after Bill, Hillary and the Clinton Foundation assumed command of the Disaster Relief effort? Why is Bill and Hillary Clinton traveling to a island that is known so well known for activity involving pedophelia that it's referred to as Pedophile Island? A island that just so happens to be owned by a convicted pedophile sex offender and predator Jeffrey Epstein? Is it all just a coincidence? Are those of us who believe it's all real looney tune basket cases? I don't think so. I believe it's all true. I believe the magnitude and far reach of this pedophelia network and scandal pales in comparison to anything we've ever heard of, seen or can comprehend. So huge that the powers behind the mainstream media are involved. That's why videos like this and the stories written and published by the New York Times and others have been and still are attempting to explain away the use of code, symbols and information referring to pedophelia that can be found in the Wikileaks emails. Well, their rebuttals and explanations are weak at best and defy all logic, reason and commonsense. In fact, the whitewashed coverup and explanations they give are so ridiculous that it's obvious they're all in collusion. The codes, terms and symbols have all been verified, documented and acknowledged by the FBI and other investigative agencies to be used by pedophiles and the networks that promote pedophelia and the use of children in their activities. It's all true and anyone can't discern what's going on here is lacking even the slightest amount of commonsense.

  12. ………and the idea that Conspiracy Theorists are ALL Right Wing? Oh, if you're conservative you must have a tinfoil hat in your closet somewhere. Nitwit.

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