The New World Order Conspiracy

What is the New World Order? Who is involved in it? And what are their aims? Learn everything you need to know about the New World Order. Don’t forget to …




  1. Even if this is real I'm not letting anything happen to me I would rather survive on a deserted island then deal with this fake bs that's never gonna happen so get your asses out of your faces because NWO is just another one of those dumb rumours here's a couple other rumours I heard: Queen Elisabeth in the illuminati, gas that's gonna kill 6 million people in 2017 and it's 2017 right now and I'm still here, and the last one I'm gonna say is America is going to turn into a third world country. Oh wait here's some more I heard on the internet: the killer clowns attack on oct 30 2016 we'll guess what I went in my front yard and sat there starring at the road for idk until 3:00 in the morning and saw no clown. And another one that said that NASA has spotted meteors traveling at 60,000 km/hr at earth and they only had so much time to do something. Well this was "going to happen between Halloween and nov 1 2016" and I was laughing my ass off because November 2 2016 nothing happened. What a bunch of bs the vast majority of shit on the internet is fake so if you really want to know about something go to an expert or get a book, when's the last time anyone my age used a book for research?! The reason I like books rather than Websites is they have facts and not bs like the internet and they also have no ads except for magazines and stuff like that but grab an atlas or a book on the Vikings or any book that's nonfiction and there's no ads. Also everyone is so focused on their smart phones that they skip the news. The news on tv not the bs internet articles. Does anyone know how important the news is?!!? These smart phones are turning people into dumb humans. I'm done, just done. I almost wish for the new world order to happen just to wipe out all the retarded people.

  2. He is right about most things except one, the new world order is leftist and liberal, not rightist conservative, the right and conservatives have for the most part been fighting the NWO for a very long time, they stifled alliances, enforced borders, brought prosperity for lower classes, weakened the elite and enforced cultural values that made nations hard to topple by making the citizens love their nations and traditions, aka nationalism.

  3. The last part of the presentation made little sense. It's actually ironic because most conspiracy theorists who's works I've followed actually say that Trump and Brexit are negative blows to the construction of the NWO. Many theorists believe that the European refugee crisis is the main action being taken in the creation of the NWO, given some EU nations being so adamant to take on refugees despite their violent crime and rape statistics going up as a result. In addition, this is also evidenced by left wing parties futile resistance of/frustration at Brexit. Frankly, if anything Trump and Brexit winning, (and more tellingly, the establishments outrage and frustration at their success) are successes for the people and setbacks for the "NWO puppet-masters" so to speak.

  4. if anything, trump is going against the NWO. which is a left wing agenda. Trumps policy is America First. While Obama and the rest of the leftists want nations to be blended together in a worldwide government.

  5. Can just Illuminati teach people how not to reproduce? that will just be more efficient than wasting 100 000 000 tons of bullets , missiles and bombs… oh it's more fun… i get it.

  6. so is it me or is this guy fake as fuck i feel he trying too hide something just listen to his voice can you say mk ultra maybe this guy is a Illuminati!

  7. Funniest thing about this World, let Me see how far I can take this. Btw all this is to My knowledge isn't only possible, it's true. A. Dinosaurs did in fact live with Human's at a time That's a fact.
    People think when the World ends, that life on Earth ends. Well, an entire Planet CRASHED into Earth. People survived that lol. So let Me go. We had been bombing These "Dinosaurs" every 600 Year's, when the massive flood happens. We've had gunpowder since B.C. We used cannon fire from ships to kill Them, separated Them from People by going to Europe for higher Sea level, and to save as many People as possible to fight. Burned Forests and killed the dangerous one's. Some could fly tho, and obviously We brought some to East before the last flood. They're etched all over the Pyramid's. Then We walled off an area in China, then waited for the Earthquake to carry that chunk of land to the Sea. I don't know what China was dropping 2 Hiroshima sized Nuke's a day for 12 Year's straight for, but They did. 8,760 Nuke's? Pretty excessive. Just funny this was in the last 100 Year's lol. Euloch, Oh He's coming back it appears! Back to the Pyramid's. They're marker's. They mark where the Sun throws "Lightning Above The Heaven's", or The Anti-christ as referred to in The Bible. Of course this is caused by alignments of the Planet's from Mercury-Jupiter with The Sun (a.k.a. Lucifer, The Morning Star) pulling a magnetic a "gama burst" through the sky, through Earth radiating our core. Strikes every 50 Year's, shut down a bridge in Houston (lines up with Mexico City's Pyramid) this Year, and stuck THE TOWER OF GIZA (smack in the center of Earth's land mass) 50 Year's ago. Next, Oh! That Pyramid in Ohio, You know the one with no top. Well that line's up with The Mexican Gulf, We'll just call it Montezuma's Revenge. It's flowing lava right now btw.
    Sinkholes? Yea there's too much oil under the Earth's Crust, along with lava, causing gas pockets. That's why they're doing Fracking knowing it fucks shit up anyway because it could be worse. So, what was the Quartz Crystal Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle originally used for? Well it line's up with Houston and Giza on our Earth's Axis. Since Quartz is a super conductor of electricity and an electrical stabilizer, I'd say We used it harness the Sun's radiation. Why? Because when "Nibiru" or Venus(binary Star), Wormwood (red Planet) and Nibiru (blue Planet) See Africa Nibiru, look to the left. Hiding Red Planet, Blue one at the end. One crashed in to what is now The Grand Canyon. ANYWAYS, When Venus comes through the asteroid belt it throws asteroids at us. Like the one in India. Inside is a microorganism like We've never seen, They're calling it "The Fountain of Youth", has No DNA strain, can survive in 3,000°F and -3,000°F. Comfortably too. It multiplies faster than anything else that We know of on Earth. I'll bet that asteroid struck what is now Colorado Year's ago. Yellowstone is flowing Lava and so is The Gulf. Line Them up, Rocky Mountain's. Why didn't We drill for oil in The Mexican Gulf? Fossil fuel contains DNA, that microorganism can handle lava temperatures. Add some radiation, mutate it a little bit throw in some nuclear meltdowns and get Cern to stir that at the speed of light. Well, You won't have to worry about the core erupting again, covering the sky with volcanic ash and killing all the crops. Because, it'll just CLIMB right out. That's why they harnessed the Sun's radiation Then, and seems like We're doing it again. Don't eat from The Tree of Knowledge!
    Debate Me, anyone who knows knows what I'm talking about.

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