The Mysterious Death of Hunter S. Thompson

In February 2005, legendary journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson was found dead. Officially labelled a non-criminal act, the circumstances remain …




  1. Maybe he was going to admit to directing a snuff film for a group of elite men that didn't want the truth to be known. This man is a Satanist. Good riddance!

  2. Did the bullet come from that gun!,?,no NO AUTOPSY,it was an inside job,his murder and the 911 job,if you sheeple can't see that wake up,they are taking all of your rights away while you be a good boy,SHIT

  3. Ya right. What a joke. Conspiracy nonsense. Sometimes people just want to die. Life can turn pointless, then you see beyond it.

  4. Wether he killed himself or not these issues or as most like to say “conspiracy’s” he’s expressed and more are real. Why are you people so willing to live in misery and denial? Why are people so unwilling to die for what’s right? Why is it so hard for you people to handle the truth? What will it take? Let me fucking know so I can get the ball rolling for a better world? A truly free, and corruption free world…

  5. Mysterious!! Yes … he may BEEN @ the point of exposing all the evils he had done … he was constantly drunk depressed and couldn't live with what he had done …. eating a pelinial gland to shooting a snuff film tied to the BUSH family sex TRAFFICKING DRUGS so much more

  6. If the slide on the gun had enough inertia to expend the brass it should have loaded the next round…a ejection failure is common but a clean ejection and no round loaded after not so much…possible but not common

  7. I believe he killed himself and if anyone does research on this guy you would find out he was a sick violent person who produced children snuff films for his wealthy friends. He went on letterman saying I like to kill for gods sake. He wasn’t a genius and anyone Hollywood praises people should be put off by Hollywood is full of sick drug addicts just like him. Don’t take my word look into everything I’ve said. His demons ultimately won and took his life and soul and now he’s with them in the pits of hell. Good riddance child abuser!

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