The Most Powerful Plant on Earth? | The Hemp Conspiracy | Documentary

Is there more to this than we think? Background music by CO.AG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jixbfjpT-rs. Don’t forget…




  1. Hi Top5s. Great documentary. Can you contact me via e-mail regarding the use of your video/documentary. thks nv1278 at hotmail co.uk

  2. You where partially right. Both Hearst and DuPont secretly had a Marihuana Tax implemented not going through the legal channels in Government, but behind closed doors late at night in secret. Hearst had interests in the Lumber Industry and they where just learning that besides using Hemp for paper it was also able to be used in Building Materials. Hemp Plastic is stronger than steel.

    DuPont's reasons where because he wanted to introduce Nylon and Rayon and other synthetic textiles made from Fossil Fuels. Hemp was superior and much less expensive to process than his chemical based products so it was a threat to his wealth made by selling synthetic materials . Again Hemp Plastics was far superior also made from the hurd of the hemp plant. They throwaway part in the industry of that time period.

    In the early 1940's Henry Ford made cars with Hemp body panels. He took a sludge hammer to is and it did not even dent it. That was in a movie dated 1942. Henry Ford also had it running on Hemp Fuel. It was cleaner than fossil fuel and much more safer on the engines.

    The US Government made a movie called Hemp For Victory also around 1942. But by then the Farmers had to pay that new tax on Marihuana even though hemp was not a drug or the same plant. They used that tax to crush the Hemp industry and it had nothing to do with Mexicans. It was just a fake excuse by saying that was the reason.

    They real reason is these plants both where a threat to these Ultra Rich Elite. They wanted to ruin this country and make a profit doing it and they have done a good job at that. Big Pharma which mostly came from the German Pharmaceuticals from World War II. The same company that mades Gases and used them on Prisoners in Concentration Camp in Nazi Germany where broken up into 3 large Companies and allowed to start the Western Medicine which never really cures most diseases but just prolongs your misery and causes other health issues. Hemp/Marihuana was already being used medicinally in the Early 1900's before the first World War. It was just being learned that it cured all kinds of illnesses and diseases and when these big Pharma Companies started selling their drugs here they realized they had to first have Marihuana removed off the market somehow as it would have put their drugs out of business.

    These Elites where behind Hitler and that World War II from the get go.

    Hemp and Marihuana would have made this country rich by now. Farmers can even still get more money per acre for Hemp than for Trees, Corn, Tobacco even. Every part of this plant is useful for something.

    The only time it becomes Psychoactive is when the mainly the buds are heated up like smoking or cooking but take raw like in a salad or juiced it is healing and like you brought out it has all the minerals and vitamins our body need. The Seeds have all the Amino Acids and essential Oils our body needs plus they are loaded with Protein. All the right Proteins for our body.

    That is not all. 1 Acre of Hemp cleans 5 times as much CO2 out of the air as does 1 acre of trees. Knowing that every part of the plant is useful now 1Acre of Hemp is 5 times as much products than trees as far as fiber goes. Plus the rest is useful for many other thing. Also using it reconditions the soil and kills all the other weeds because it's roots go so deep and it pulls all the nutrients to the surface. Being that it is a weed it take far less water than most other crops. 1 Acre of Hemp if grown indoors can grow 3 times a year or if you want too you can let it only grow 2 times and get thicker stalks. Which would be more prime for Industrial Uses like building materials and rope and twine. But not fabrics so much. A hemp plant makes one length of fiber up to 15' long. Trees only have less than 2" fiber lengths. Nothing compares to Hemp in that aspect of it. You could just take the fibers alone and weave them into a thick cloth and have them going each layer at different directions and make a Plywood that is far more superior than wood or bamboo based plywoods. Since you can make your own resins also out of hemp it would be wiser to use than any other material. It is also naturally sun and rot resistant as a building material.

    Hemp Crete is far more superior than concrete. The lime and hemp react to make it super hard and as it ages instead of breaking down like concrete does it only gets harder and fossilizes. It becomes like a very hard stone.

    This plant is a gift from our creator to mankind. That is the main reason the Elite, who worship Satan do not want us using it. Anything that our Creator and heavenly Father blesses us with they want to destroy. Like they are already destroying the earth. But I did not know that this plant can mitigate radiation in the soil and water. That is a giant plus for mankind so as to clean this planet once the wicked are destroyed.

    You want to go against these Elite then push to have the Hemp & Marihuana Industry returned to not just our country but every country world wide. That is how you fight them. It will help like manna did the Israelite's when they where in the wilderness 40 years. Plus if it is harder than steel and concrete and makes excellent long lasting clothing and fabrics for canvas tarps. And ropes that do not deteriorate in the sun or rot in the water. I lived at a Marina for over 3 years and I watched new Polyester ropes fall apart from the sun in 1 years time. Nylon ropes are even worse. We need these plants back in our economy It also makes a good Diesel Fuel Additive or replaces it completely. We have plenty land unused to grow this plant.

    We could completely replace Fossil Fuels all together and break the backs of this Elite run Deep State Government. We knock out the Big Pharma, GMO plant producers, Lumber and Steel Industries, Use of all synthetic materials no longer needed. Fossil fuels also put way more chemicals in the air than Hemp so we will be cleaning the environment also. If they Elite do not have money they can not do their Agenda 21 on the world. If you know where they are report it to President Donald Trump. They stole 555 Trillion Dollars Gold in the USA alone. He wants to get this countries money back. When this country prospers then so do the other countries. Right now the USA is under attack from external and internal conspiracies and enemies. These Ultra Rich Elites. They have infiltrated our Government for years unbeknownst to the People of this Country. The Sleeping Giant is again wakening up!!!

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