The Most Mind Boggling Disney Conspiracy Theories

What if. Just what if. These words may sound crazy coming from a raving mad conspiracist, but the theories in this list are a bit more sane and comprehendible than you think.




  1. I thought Russell had something to do with their unborn child, not a guardian angel. But it does make more sense, I guess.

  2. what about a crazy theory. What if Woody is actually Andy's dad from beyond the grave. Child`s play meets Toy story

  3. Tarzan's parents can't be from Frozen. In Tarzan, there is a picture of the parents with the baby found in the tree house.

    Unless they had a camera they saved from the wreck, had a baby after being stranded, rigged said camera to take a picture of them and then DEVELOPED THE FILM ON THEIR OWN…they can't be the same people.

  4. The ships in Frozen and The Little Mermaid have a different number of masts. (2 in Frozen, 1 in TLM)
    No way they are the same ships.

  5. The daggers in Snow White and Tangeled are completely different. Tangled = Dagger grind (double edge) blade, large exaggerated guard. SW = Bowie grind, single edge, classic guard.

  6. But the picture in Belles favorite book is of 2 white people (royal looking) in front of a very non middle eastern looking castle. Aladdin was an Arab homeless person.

  7. 2:35 did anyone else see the licens plate above one of the doors that says w.cutting… this must explain why he is going though a rough time

  8. why did you stop talkin about frozen???? illumanti puppet much truth should be said even if you like the movie. Sorry for saying this but you.

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