The Most Bizarre Celeb Conspiracy Theories

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  1. I always thought LaVeys daughter looked exactly like someone else I know! It was Taylor Swift I was thinking about then… lol . However uncanny, it's improbable at best.

  2. Suri Cruise totally looks like Tom and Katie together, although I'm 100% convinced they never had sex because of Tom being gay and that the pregnancy was a result of IVF using Tom's sperm. I do believe, however, that Tom and Nicole's adopted children were taken from $cientology SeaOrg staff members. Also, there is no way in hell Beyonce has ever actually been pregnant as she is known to be one of the most selfish, egotistical women around and would have never done anything to wreck her body. Plus if you compare her hips to Kim Kardashian's pre-/and post-pregnancy (or "pregnancy"), Kim's hips looked wider after North's birth, whereas Beyonce's stayed the same (in Kim's case, the Kardashian thirst for fame and exposure works in her favor since she couldn't have credibly faked a pregnancy with all that time in the spotlight). Besides, Beyonce's marriage to Jay-Z is a financial partnership where she benefits from being tied to a major music industry heavyweight.

    The other conspiracy theories are pretty far out there, though. I guess this is what happens when people's mental illnesses go unchecked and they have constant access to the Internet.

  3. I don't usually believe conspiracy theories, but I do believe that Beyonce did not have her first baby, proven by the fact that she is publicising her recently pregnancy with twins and didn't show much care with Blue. Surely if she was proud of having Blue, she would have shown it off more (and not have that terribly embarrassing moment on TV where her bump deflated…)

  4. i can totally see the appeal of faked deaths to celebs. i think we all have this preconceived notion that fame is the penultimate experience, but then when it's achieved, we suddenly realize it's not as much fun as once thought. the easiest way to get out of contracts, record deals, fame, etc. is to just disappear and become a completely new person.

  5. suri looks like hubbard now that answers questions i have had right from the first child photos after baby pics! I would agree that suri is r hubbard's son! of course being brought up as reverse as the religion dictates and hollywood goddess worship.
    one is a christian scientist the other is a satanist!

  6. Holy hell! TMZ, BuzzFeed and 4Chan said all of this? Shit, it must be true then. Maybe they should use Wikipedia to double check their facts.

  7. Yo thats not okay. Dont make conspiracys about dead little girls. She was really near and dear to some people and you fucking around like that hurts. We wish she wasnt killed. Idc if its "just a conspiracy " thats really not something you should even be saying it's really not okay. That was someones little girl, someones friend. Put yourself in the families shoes and dont do that.

  8. I dont believe Miley Cyrus one at all…. From that beginning of her clean image.. She was very unstable and she was happy, too happy to be forced under other people orders but when she realises more, she burst out as hell! Acting weird and crazy.. She is now dont like her or people to be under the mens who may never force her but made them act too much to be clean and fun superstar..

  9. Really liked your videos till this one @NikkiSwift.

    You know the illuminati is real so screw you for saying it's not to all these mindless sheep who will believe you.

  10. Why don't you do a video about how cinema,television,politics and government are ran by the Same group of people. Or about how the Black lives matter movement is just a ploy to keep everyone from establishing unity to overthrow or tyranny riddled government

  11. Katy Perry’s ear lobes are attached at the bottom. Jon benets earlobes were not connected. Unless that fusion happens over time, which it doesn’t, those are not the same person.

  12. The one about katy Perry and Taylor Schilling being jonbenet Ramsay. It's a murdered child! That's disgusting making up rumors like that. I know that there are odd things about that case but this is ridiculous!

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