The Moon Landing Genuinely was Pretend

There are lots of 50 percent crazed, mad, lunatic conspiracy theorists who would have us imagine that there never was any moon landings in the sixties and that all the movies, pictures and artifacts that supposedly was taken then, are faked and was produced in a film studio by George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Arthur C Clark.

They say that it is way too harmful to walk on the moon, for the reason that of mystery Strogg basis there, moon muggers as very well as unearthly radiation. Other individuals declare that the pictures are all erroneous, underneath uncovered and the place are the stars? Other lunatics say it is so scorching on the moon that the astronauts would have been cooked alive in these huge lumpy aluminum suits they were being carrying. However other say it is so cold on the moon that the lunar module would have cracked like metallic slipping in dry ice. Other individuals say it is so darkish on the moon that…very well you get the photograph

Properly, la di da, I would say to these lunatics. I did some research on this subject and came up with the genuine fact like I always do. Touring all around my dwelling town and performing plenty of research on the World-wide-web I gathered all the proof I need to publish what I am about to publish here.

The genuine fact is that people today have been viewing the moon considering that the center ages. The Nazi’s even established a moon foundation there in 1942 and the Individuals have been partying there considering that the late 50’s. There are even these who declare that the Dogon tribe went there with mud and grass spaceships in ancient periods…

But let us start out at the commencing.

Just one night in 1203 Johannes Vogel of Mittestadt in Germania experienced a desire that he was remaining pulled via the sky in a basket by 20 substantial and strong birds. The following early morning he told his wife about his desire, who subsequently strike him on the head with a bread roller screaming: “You drunken, lazy oaf, go discover work and carry dollars into the household for a possibility. This is what transpires when you eat way too much meat and consume way too much beer ahead of heading to mattress at evening.”

But by that afternoon Vogel and his son were being catching substantial pelicans and flamingos in the nearby swamp. They then put the birds in a huge enclosed camp the place they experienced them do all varieties of routines like aerobics and weight teaching for a time period of three months.

They say that right after catching the birds Johannes transformed into a genuine unpleasant drill master and the birds hated him.

They say the working day that they started out their training regime Vogel walked via their ranks stating: “I have never found a wild thing sorry for alone. A tiny fowl will fall frozen useless from a bough devoid of at any time getting felt sorry for alone.”

Then Vogel started out offering these birds the hardest teaching birds have at any time been given.

Immediately after these three months all these birds were being very well muscled and so muscular that even their wings experienced muscle tissue, why even their muscle tissue experienced muscle tissue.

Johannes Vogel then put tiny harnesses on the birds and connected them to the terrific wicker basket that he inherited from his grandfather. The birds (all getting birdbrains) straight away experimented with to escape on remaining unveiled considering extra routines were being to stick to and with this they pulled Johannes and his wicker basket into the sky. The extra they experimented with to get absent from Johannes, the higher they pulled him.

No birds flew like these birds flew on that working day, not ahead of nor later on…

They pulled the basket ideal past the ambiance of earth and ideal to the moon. The challenge was that the birds were being fully exhausted and died on landing on the moon. Vogel experienced no way of returning to earth. No one particular genuinely understands what occurred to Vogel, but historians are guaranteed that he was the first person who died on the moon.

When the Nazi’s went to the moon in 1942 the only proof they uncovered of Vogel was a handwritten note which states: ” No, no, it is them, they have returned… they have feathers, they have teeth, they are substantial, no…I am sorry…mercy noooo….aaaaaaaaaahhhhh, I am remaining killed by…..” and then they couldn’t make out the scrawlings any longer.

In any scenario, the Nazi’s established a foundation on the moon. This foundation is remaining employed up to this working day. After the Nazi’s were being on the moon, they were being contacted by renegade aliens who gave them plenty of ultra fashionable unheard of technological innovation, like rock and roll, tv, Playstation, Kentucky Fried Hen, the World-wide-web, and so on. The Nazi’s subsequently employed this technological innovation to consider around the entire world bit by bit, devoid of any person recognizing and devoid of taking pictures even one particular shot.

In the meantime the Individuals have also reached the moon in 1950 remaining presented the technological innovation by traitorous Nazi researchers who wanted to conserve their own skins right after the Nazis lost the war on Earth.

The Individuals then also secretly established their own basis there. It is ironic that their first foundation was referred to as Alpha 1999, right after Medical doctor Alpha 1999 who was the inventor of the place screw.

With their common I-am-never-satisfied-with-what-I-have mindset the Individuals create plenty of place stations on and close to the moon and was quickly on their way to Mars, Jupiter and Uranus the place they have lots of colonies by now.

You didn’t genuinely believe that these kidnapped people today were being kidnapped by Aliens, did you. No, gentle reader, these people today are kidnapped to be employed as slave labor for the American colonies on other planets in our solar program. Working with humans to slash and have rocks and performing mining is evidently extra successful than employing machinery.

In any scenario by 1963 the Individuals were being now on Mars, but his was never produced public.

In that same calendar year, the then fool who was voted in as president, John F Kennedy stated that they will put a person on the moon. This is what transpires if one particular gives a key speech right after ingesting two full bottles of Irish Whisky.

This was genuinely embarrassing to NASA who now experienced to start out pretending as if they were being genuinely heading to put a person on the moon, by employing the primitive technological innovation of Earth or at the very least the technological innovation that it pretended to have.

Kennedy was leisurely killed one particular sunny working day in Texas to train him to continue to keep his drunken mouth shut. This was finished by an assassin from the moon that was specifically assigned this undertaking, for the reason that he would never be traced. He stood on the grassy knoll, ideal in entrance of Kennedy’s car or truck and shot him entire in the facial area three periods. Immediately after assassinating Kennedy he was just beamed back again up to the moon.

The FBI was way too ashamed to admit that they experienced no proof on who killed Kennedy and framed Lee Harvey Oswald for the assassination. When they observed their scenario would be torn apart in court docket they employed Jack Ruby to get rid of Oswald and make the full unpleasant episode go absent (or so they believed).

To make a very very long tale shorter NASA then made a decision to pretend the full heading to the moon episode. They employed their motion picture studios on Mars to create a pretend moon landing. Why did they use the studios on Mars, you would inquire. Not only was it extra expense powerful to make the motion picture there, it is also a mystery locale and they didn’t have to make use of earth personnel. That is why no-one particular as still came forward to declare that they were being part of this elaborate hoax.

They just realized that Lucas and Spielberg would be the people today with sufficient creativity to make these types of a motion picture. Where by did you believe two teenagers got these types of a ton of dollars from to create blockbusters like Star Wars and Back again to the Potential? And why is Spielberg authorized to use mystery, ultra fashionable NASA technological innovation to make his videos? Now you know.

If you study the relaxation of the conspiracies on this web site, you would know by now that NASA is remaining run by Jewish bankers who are in fact Egyptian bankers who are accumulating dollars to create a humongous Giza like pyramid. These men are so stingy they will never squander even one particular cent if they can reduce it.

Where by is my proof for all this, my extra intelligent visitors would inquire. I uncovered this in a mystery cave hidden in the mountains encompassing the village the place I dwell.

one. An bill with the NASA letterhead on produced out to a Mister S Spielberg stating: Whole volume for generating motion picture of pretend moon landing in our studios on the earth Mars.

2. A note created on NASA notepaper stating: Pricey Mr Jack any person-who-would make-enjoyment-of-my momma-or-my-surname-is-a-loss of life-motherfucker Ruby, our agents talked to Lee Harvey Oswald. He told us to explain to you the subsequent: “yo momma is so body fat, the pyramid of Giza is her breakfast chair, you have a girly surname and go fuck on your own you huge body fat slob.” Gun will be remaining in the center stall in the basement toilet, if you are in the vicinity at about 09:30. Regards, Mr X aka the smoking skinny person.

3. Apiece of moon rock with the legend LucasArt Light-weight and Magic stamped on the base.

four. A photograph of Spielberg standing hand close to the neck with what appears to be like like ET, but couldn’t have been, for the reason that the photograph was taken in 1963. In the track record a signboard that says Mars Town Just one McDonalds can clearly be found.

If this doesn’t influence you the moon landing was pretend, you are a Lizard…

Supply by Ayden Ballentine


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