The Moon Landing Conspiracy – Unexplained Objects

Conspiracy theorists have shed light upon some inconsistencies in the photographs of the Apollo 12 space mission. Including a mysterious object in the …




  1. there are things about how fast you have to leave Earth to get to the moon and then there are things about leaving the movie Catching back up to come in March will do haven't slowed down is doing roughly 6700 miles an hour in a circular orbit around the Moon so something from something

  2. I believe we bomb Japan I believe we went to the moon I even believe it we were almost stupid as a government to want to set off an atomic bomb on the moon to see what it would do outside of atmosphere yeah no rad shielding there are some problems

  3. they did land on moon.its in your face .one thing they don't mention is when astronauts are jumping .why are they landing? no gravity once you jump there's no stopping until you hit something. and for those .that are gonna comment.(THEY HAVE HEAVY BACKPACK) NO GRAVITI…..YOU COULD HAVE A TRAIN ON YOUR BACK ONCE YOU'VE LEFT MOON FLOOR ITS GOOD BYE UNLESS YOU ARE TIED LIKE A BOAT.

  4. This is bs and if you believe then you most definitely must be smoking some "good shit"…think about it, no one been out there before they (nasa) make vehicle that will get safely to the moon with astronauts wearing the correct clothing with enough fuel for the trip there and back.
    Not to mention they had to get the vehicle out there and back without burning up on exit and entry…
    All this and I think it be fair to say we hadn't invented the colour tv yet… get a grip and don't believe everything the media tells you

  5. for non believer out there. go buy a $40 telescope from Walmart and fine a new world encyclopedia & fine THE MOON it will show all the landing location and then on a full moon lite night take a look for yourself and YOU WILL FINE BLACK DOTES where there encyclopedia says where they landed all 6 of them.

  6. nVidia during a product launch to demonstrate new technology actually replicated the moons surface and the light source of the sun and the images they got from the simulation came out the same as the official photos

  7. the media that lies to us, the government that lies to us, and NASA (who agrees to cover up information on behalf of said government) are the only sources we have to reflect on when asking ourselves if we have gone to the moon. think about that.

  8. Nasa lost all the photos from the 'so called moon landing'..! i still have photos from the early 70's.. they should have given them to me. my loft is quite safe… I never trusted Nasa .. its just a part of a secret west government.. full of lies and fear.

  9. that's not the reflection at all,its even more serious, it's the poop of one of the several pigeon s which lives in moon ,and these astronauts are not letting out the secret of life on moon ,and they are chilling alone in Mars and moons ,this is a serious issue:k

  10. Look, I don't know the answer but any specialist in optics can tell you that under peculiar lightning a lot of
    things that are in fact perfectly normal, seem odd. All kinds of strange reflections in mirrors, glass and other
    shiny materials can produce weird presentations of otherwise normal things.
    I think if you study the "Studio-lights" just look at the shape. You can see similar shapes on the space module. The camera's and other square and triangular bodyparts on the model have simular features as a 'Frenel-light= a studio lightning device".
    Again look at such a studio lamp and look at the lunar module. There are similar basic shapes connected on
    the module. Somehow the modules parts must have reflected on the helmet. If the Astronaut would have
    been a litle bit more left or right, maybe you'd see the rest of the spacemodule. So maybe its just a reflection of a "Trust Chamber Assembly Structure" and its attatchments. Especially from a distance and if the you imagine the forms more schematical (view them as squares and triangle) How it was reflected is perhaps strange but again mirror -images are not alway's that logical. Another possibility is double exposure.
    Sometimes huge amounts of publishing material (photographs etc.) are very much in demand so to suply
    the press and other people of images those photographs could have been hastily reproduced and during these methods of reproducing a double exposure could have been created. And the whole moonproject was such a worldwide sensation, the demand of material for media exposure and commerce was huge.

  11. By the way if it was a fresnel-light, its not concistent, some of the flaps to manipulate the lightning are uneven and too long compared with the rest of the device.

  12. You said the photos were given after the moon landings, what if they couldn't actually take pictures when they went to the moon and had to improvise when they landed back on earth

  13. Buzz Aldrin had a good point for all the non believers, he wrote a tweet wrote a lil over a yr ago…If the moon landing was a hoax then why hasn't Russia exposed the truth??? Hmmm you guys ever think about that? Don't you think maybe they would want to take credit for being the first ones to make it happen…

  14. and you forgot about the MOST IMPORTANT THING. Wh have humans never taken any puctures of the earth from the moon? Nasa said they lost their files.. 6 TIMES?! and there are no way in hell nasa would get trough the van allen belts at that time. no way at all. and i mean at all. The moonlanding is fake, there are documentaries hours long explaiing everything and every question. It is completely fake, and no satelitte has even been more than 1600KM away from the earth because of the van allen belts. so all the pictures of earth is make by a computer predicting how earth looks. earth might be flat for that sake.

  15. does anybody else see that girl reflecting off of the Space helmet look at the picture of the video and keep on looking TC that reflection of that girl

  16. at 6:31 if you look at the smudge it looks like a face around it. The face looks really scary. You see the eye at left and then a ear. It srsly looks like a face. scary :S

  17. Some guy went up to buzz Aldrin and said you never went to the moon you faked it and buzz Aldrin punched the shit out of that guy I would do the same 

  18. I don't believe the conspiracy theories and think the Apollo landings were genuine but what I've always found hard to understand is how the little top part of the lunar module with the 2 astronauts in had enough rocket power to launch back into lunar orbit and then how in all that space meet up again with the command module! Its pretty amazing.

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