HOLY SH*T… That’s some creepy shit guys. Good work on all your research! So many possibilities as to what it could all mean… Maybe I should go to the police …




  1. As a Satanist and Dark Illuminist I can shed some rather disturbing light on the tunnel. First of 97-7 is in actuality 97 Divided by 7 which equals: 13.857 though in Cabalistic and other such Esoteric religions are rounded down to primes ergo : 13

    I also know for a fact (based on video / audio and physical evidence) that there were 2 people killed in a ritualistic manner in the tunnel a women and her little girl aged between 5 and 8 years of age she has been haunting me for some time to the point of sharing her / their story with me so much so I had no choice but to compile a case file/dossier on their last hours alive I also know that their bodies are still somewhere in the tunnel and more so evidence of their deaths ; the murder weapons used and their heads are in a specific location with in the tunnel I have also informed Omar Gosh on several social media outlets to these facts though due to the graphic nature of the case file I can not share it in a public setting. I am yet to check whether he got my messages though I know this they will never rest and neither will I until the record is set straight concerning their deaths Omar and if memory serves James or Jay (Jay station) came across the location their bodies use to be stored in the tunnel (the black ooze is actually the liquidation of their bodies (the Black Residue that looked like people) which was increased due to bacterial and parasitic influences as can be expected when storing/dumping bodies in a sewerage tunnel) I know this as I have assisted on a freelance/volunteer bases various law and intelligence agencies and authorities through the years both local and internationally based. They need their tale to be told and I need to put them to rest (guide them to the Ethereal world beyond this world) as I have done for some many others.

    P.S. I and most of us do not believe nor condone human or animal sacrifices be it blood or lives other than our own blood and energy (life force) in fact we observe the Universal Laws and those who dare stray from these Laws are not family / Brothers / Sisters or friends but enemies for “do what though wilt but harm NONE” is our true motto provided by Alistair Crowley.and other TRUE Followers/Practitioners (not counting the con artist according to several FBI files “Anton La Fey” which is not even his real name.) hope this helps if you want the dossier/case file feel free to e-mail me.

  2. It probably means like. if you run into the date 04/08/2017 you might have been the victim to die in that date? so 6-97 or 1-97 probably means the dates that the other victims were killed in or sacrificed in??? Idk sorry if some one already put this up tho so yeah thats my theory if its real well oh shit i just solved a mystery. but you probably know what i mean

  3. faze rug Get a car control thing and a small car then Put i camera in it and go control the car to go deep in the tunnel and see what is there But I do know there are jumps but ya

    • The remote control car would go out of range and the only way to get it back so he would either lose the camera that was attached to the car or he would have to go get it which defeats the purpose of driving it through the tunnel because he will have to walk through the tunnel to get it

  4. 7/97is the amount of storm drannes in you country and the tunnel collapsed on him their is a part deep in where is has been repaired on the top

  5. In one vid of urs you cut in and said in July you and Andrew (sorry if it's the wrong name but all ik it starts with an a)went to the tunnel and you guys went in and heard whistling so you bounced (xD)20 mins later you saw a helicopter and it was heading towards the tunnel so you drove past and saw police running.so if you think about itike Olsen was a police,in July(when Mike died)police were there running……….

  6. I know I'm late but while watching this I think they need 97 dead bodies to do the satanic ritual and where they murder them they put the number they are so 7-97 would be mike Olsen because he was the 7th murder

  7. It that tunnel people would go in there too do Satanic rituals and they would do that far into the tunnel 7-97 is code for homicide Michael Olson was killed for a satanic ritual, they needed he's blood to summon a demon or the Devil Himself. The voices you hear are the people who have died down there.

  8. I have heard that mike was the drunk person who ran over the little girl, killing her. To escape police, he ran down a dirt path. This dirt path was the one that led to the Miramar tunnel. He ran in, went REALLY deep in the tunnel, and it collapsed on him, killing him instantly. His spirit, and the girls spirit haunt the tunnel. This incedint happened in july, 1997.

  9. Looooool I think Mike Olsen was just a regular dude who just put 7-97 as a date so people know when he came to the tunnel and other ones like mike Olsen was here is similar to rug writing rug was here. And the one where he says mike Olsen died in the tunnel or mike Olsen went through the small tunnels were probably other random ppl doing jokes due to seeing his name frequently.

  10. Rug you wont beilive this ok i searched up micheal olsen 97 it took me into this sight that was deleted and was made 4 years ago. I pressed deleted 2 times and it took me to a site with a picture of a bloody human in a tunnel this scared me so i clicked ofv the sight and read the comments i hope you are okay and the 7 people who died you could be the 8th or 9th just imagine before you die a fllashback of bunch of pivctures of micheal olsen

  11. To be honest I believe everything that is going on here. I had my own ghost experience back home in Mississippi and it is not cool. So to everyone who doesn't believe…you better start believing now cause ghost and demons are real whether you believe them or not..they do not care!

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