The Messi, Suarez & Neymar Conspiracy | #VFN

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  1. Its just a fact Cr7 and messi gonna be the best players maybe gouple of years more…. I think neymar or suarez is third best…And on my opinion you cant relate messi and ronaldo both playing different position and different style… And i know some body think "Ronaldo is mutch better than messi" "messi has more ballon 'd'ors than ronaldo"…ronlaldo has more golden shoes messi has more ballondors, both are top five of historys best footballers:)

  2. ronaldo said "i know why he did it" about messi's penalty layoff. its so that suarez can win the golden boot, but not to deliberately keep ronaldo from winning anything.

  3. Letting him take all the penalties….?? Dude what the fuck. Letting him score goals by providing him easy tap-ins….?? Watch his game and then make a video.

  4. Sorry to hear about the kids mom passing away but real nice thing to do by leichester city giving him a chance to meet some of the players and look around the stadium. Damn man I cant to see who's going to win the premier league this season it's going to be a crazy end to the season. Wish leichester luck Bc they truly have shown that they are the ultimate underdogs. Going to be interesting though nonetheless

  5. Seriously stfu with your shit of a conspiracy regardless of anything we all know Ronaldo will be nominated for the ballon dor as the final 3 if he doesn't win it it isn't bc of your fucking retarded "conspiracy " it's bc he fucked it for himself to win the ballon dor

  6. ronaldo has been the best and second best IN THE PAST. this year msn are all better than him for the fluidity and teamwork they have (and the goals obviously). i honestly feel bad for suarez however, because firstly somehow people still arent calling him the best striker in the world and secondly because of his old reputation he would have to score 30 more goals than the rest just to get in team of the year and it is impossible to win ballon d'or.

  7. Neymar and messi don't need to let suarez to score the goals to get ballon d'or nomination. Suarez is a way better player than Ronaldo anyway!

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