The Masonic Conspiracy – Part 3

www.blogtalkradio.com/the-hermetic-hour The Masonic Conspiracy Episode first aired May 27th, 2010 The Hermetic Hour will deal with the fascinating subject …




  1. If masonry is not about one world govern't than how come we now have U.N. ? Doric lodge # 92 in Seattle has statue of Lenin who is responsible for murdering millions of people during the red terror. I see no big difference between him and Hitler. It is obvious that in masonry the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. It proves to be true what Pike wrote in the M & D. The regular masons are not meant to understand the true meaning of masonry. They should only think they know it

  2. are masons really hated? what are your resons for this ?
    the charities masons help would not agree with you.
    pederists? i personnally have never ever seen a child in a masonic lodge, but i have seen them when masons are helping charities with children envoled. i guess helping people is something your not used to. just so you know, just becuase you help someone doesn't mean you want to fuck them.
    As for the KKK please ask one of the many black freemasons how they feel about that comment.

  3. hmm… Bob Fish, you seem like a fellow traveller. Dynzi, pretty sure #92 is clandestine, meaning not real and not recognized by other lodges… although I wonder how you know what they have inside their lodge. and last but not least, noonesmartyr… "Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy."Proverbs 31:9. and so I righteously judge not the religions but those who claim to follow their teachings. and I plead the cause of the poor and needy children sexually abused by catholic priests, the aboriginal children abused in orphanages by their "pious" caretakers, and the children of radical muslims and white supremacists who are taught to hate their fellow man before they are taught to read. so yes, in conclusion, masons (plus concordant bodies) are Satanist! …for donating close to half a billion dollars every year in north America alone, to children's hospitals, vets, cancer patients, etc… hallelujah and praise *fill in the blank with personal deity or deities (if agnostic, simply print yes)*      

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