The Mandela Effect (Conspiracy Theory) (Chat Show)

More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews What is that Mandela Effect? We’re breaking down the MOST popular examples on today’s chat.




  1. The Mandela Effect is not a conspiracy theory, it is a phenomenon as your co-host pointed out. You ought to remove the words "conspiracy theory" from the title of the video. Also, if not one of the four of you on this panel sees it, or has awoken to the Effect so that you can have an actual conversation about it, then it's a rather boring listening to you all simply bash and try to debunk it.

  2. Im only asking but if the mandela effect was caused by time travel woundn't we grow up with the changed history so woundn't we have the memory of the changed history not the original history

  3. Why is everyone hating on what they have to say about this it's their opinion. I believe in the Mandela effect but that doesn't mean that everyone does.. And also all of you that are calling the girls annoying get yourselves a life the show wouldn't even exists without them

  4. I believe CERN is behind this and checking to see if going back and changing things effects our future …or perhaps to mess with us and make people waste time on researching this phenomena. Most shocking (and I never see it mentioned) are the changed made to the Kings James version bible. Even 50 yr old bibles. Dozens if not hundreds of strange changes. most shocking Luke 19 27 where Jesus tells his disciples to bring his non believers before him and slay them. What? So much for pacifist Jesus, now he's on a Jihad to kill the infidels!

  5. I do truly believe in the Mandela effect no hate for the channel but I really did not like it when they were joking around about time travel and stuff. I believe that we transferred to an opposite universe during a bad storm and time travelers changed one small thing that triggered different little things that we all still remember but in a different way

  6. He should have said the one about kitkat not kit-Kat and the one about captain crunch the cereal it's actually cap'n crunch like what

  7. these bitches are retarded
    scientists now are saying parallel universe could exist and time travel.
    people who are not effected by ME will always think and know it was sex and the city
    there is proof of sex in the city

  8. If he died in prison he would have never become president so the people that thought he died before 2013 didn't know he became president of South Africa

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