The Mandela Effect- Conspiracy Theories (THIS WILL MESS WITH YOUR MIND!)

Did you know that the phrase ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ has NEVER EXISTED or that the Mona Lisa painting actually smirks?! The Mandela Effect speaks of …




  1. i remember thing hapening but it didnt i know it wasnt a dream but i remember it hapening 4 real then i 4get most of time but i know it was diffrent but its not but its not 2 me i think im going insane

  2. GEOX were the shoes that breathe
    I love how you can pronounce 'Nelson Mandela' but say 'mandela effect' reeeeally strange
    I love this tho, really interesting

  3. the painting was famous for always hinting a smirk but never really showing it, scientist have study and gone through great lengths to see if she actually had a smile, the famous mona lisa smile was due to what is known as her 'enigmatic' smile never an obivious smile.

    the mandela effect is simply a form of gaslightning… yes that means that the J.F.K. assassination was staged.

  4. Mona Lisa smiled with her eyes and only had a hint of a smile playing around her mouth as I remember, but I don't recall the smile being as wide as it looks now

  5. When I saw the painting today i was so shook because I remember as a kid I looked at the painting and she didt smile and I thought people were crazy for thinking she was. And now that I look at it she is smiling no idea how it has changed.

  6. People, go watch the Staples logo and tell me if the "L" was normal or it has been always with that thing on the L.

  7. Mona Lisa one really freaked me out oml I swear she was famous for hinting at a smirk, not a full smile! So may movies make references to how she was so serious and what she could have been smirking at

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