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In 1987, three leaked documents might have revealed the existence of a secret government group, formed for the sole purpose of studying alien technology.




  1. Bill Cooper in his uncut interview stated that Operation Majestic was to implement confusion and false information to the public to keep the public guessing any real truths. He concluded that we must question everything and do not trust a single thing blindly, including media owned by powerful wealth.

  2. as a person who handles classified documents and have made them up, getting rank wrong by not mentioning the "rear" part in admiral, or adding a comma to a date (I am in the military so I understand military dating as well) those are very easily simple mistakes any low level guy, the kind of person typing 90% of documents, or even a high level none military member (I.E. secretaries of whatever who have no actual military experience or only high level experience such as being a general for 10 years) would easily make.

  3. We're seeing all of this happen again, but this time its with "Q Anon" and his "Governmental Satanic Pedophilia Conspiracy".

    Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to expertly fake documents and give them to the right people, just go to one of the 'chans' and say whatever you want, somebody out there will believe you and spread the word (and apparently, "Q" level clearance is higher than "Majic 12" level clearance ^_^).

  4. The Majestic 12, born at the end of world war II, for hide the discover of new technology of team researcher Manatthan , the team discover more that nuclear bomb, the discover of new technology that make Petroleum obsolete , and free people. The world government thing world people not ready for this, and promise the truth when people ready, more then 80 years was past and we use petrolium yet, because majestic 12 , don't want lose power control of the people.

  5. Any official document is run through so many different eyes in the military that the date format would have been one of the first things caught. Speaking from experience

  6. What makes people think aliens aren't real? Is it because you cant comprehend the fact that there would be another life that is smarter than humans? Why do you think that? If the government told you other planet were livable just like earth would that make you believe in aliens? I think the reason people think aliens are fake is because the government has made everyone beleive that ni planet is livable but how do you know that? It's not like any of us has been to space so all we can do is use the internet right? Who says they're telling the truth on the internet. We have no proof whatsoever that aliens aren't real. We just have the government saying it's not real and everybody believes them without any proof.

  7. I'm sorry…
    You dismiss all of this potential evidence as being weak, then claim "impacted" was not used as a verb in that time period.
    What is your basis for that exactly?

  8. Grow a pair, both of you, and stop saying everything is inconclusive!

    If there’s barely any evidence then say it’s bullshit. If there seems to be something to it then say that; but please stop with saying everything is inconclusive, because it’s not.

  9. We shouldn’t take the word of the FBI. This is the same group that sent a letter to MLK telling him to kill himself. The same group that were involved in so many heinous things throughout its history.

    I’m not saying this is true, I myself think it’s bullshit; but I could be wrong. I just don’t trust the FBI at all.

  10. I do believe that it's most likely misdirection and misinformation. Though what it was that they UFO researchers might have been getting close to might not be what everyone thinks. Just because they where researching a UFO crash, they where also looking into government secrets. They might have started to get close to what really was going on and what the government might have really been covering up.

    The same can be said about many people that have "vanished" or died mysteriously. It would be easier to discredit a UFO researcher then kill them off. But if they where getting close to something real and might not have anything to do with what they where researching, then it might be better to get rid of them.

    If a UFO researcher starts off talking about UFO coverups and then finds something else and starts talking about something more believable being covered up, then more people will take notice and possible look deeper into it.

  11. This was really boring. Jazz it up fellas. Especially the guy on the left, very BLAH… Very monotone. Low toned too. Speak up!! Be more animated.

  12. Majestic 12 was a treaty between US government and aliens. Human abduction for alien technology. Aliens were allowed to take limited amounts of humans for "experiments" and would be returned back. BUT…Aliens were abducting more people and they were not being returned. Today, over 700,000 people go missing in national parks in America ALONE. Just vanish. Millions go missing all over the world every year.

  13. If you think about it, the typo actually makes it more credible. Back then secretaries used to write up and type the memos. If it was something top secret, that couldn't be shared with secretaries, they would've had to do it themselves.

  14. Actually "Impacted" was first recorded used in the manner you state, in 1844, over 100 years before the 1947 crash date, so they definitely could have used it on the memo. So there goes your entire justification for memo 1 being fake.
    Definition of impacted

    1a : packed or wedged in
    source: Merrian-Wenster dictionary
    Here is the link https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/impacted
    Highly intelligent people use words that have an exact meaning, not a vague meaning, so impacted is the right word to use in a highly important official document, whether it was commonly used or not is irreverent.
    You can not call a document fake due to the terms or grammar within, you must research the content to determine it's voracity. Too many factors on judging someone's writings; People make mistakes, talk differently then they write, say certain things to one person, and other things to another depending on who they are addressing, time of day, mood, whether they are in a rush or trying to elaborate, etc, etc, etc. Just way too many factors, without reading hundreds of things they have written, and tons of research on the person.
    You can not call something FAKE with out contradicting FACTS. This is like saying "it uses all the popper terminology of the time, so all the content must be factual".
    Research the content, not the grammar and type font.

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