The Lost Civilization Of Antarctica | The Conspiracy Files

As one of the least explored lands on the planet, we ask the question this week – could there be a lost civilization in Antarctica? Don’t forget to Subscribe for more …




  1. You never really gave a reason why no, they couldn't have came from antartica. We know there's lakes and mountains and geological features buried beneath the ice, we know the Earth goes through ice ages. It's entirely plausible. Shit, it could be Atlantis "sunken" and frozen over.

  2. Its a bit of a shame to see someone pass off a theory without conducting any research on the basis the people who proclaimed the theory was a historian. The very kind of prejudice and strange academic hierarchy that forced the tectonic theory of the earth to be pushed aside as fringe science for so long.

    Many people of adjacent fields have insight and proposed great hypothesis for basis of more research, the Alvarez hypothesis where a physicist father gave great insight for his Son Geologist to discover the crater sight comes to mind. If you claim to be a critical thinker, try to utilise it more perhaps…….

  3. See all this conspiracy on the Bases, aliens, hitler, etc is all based off of speculation and NO FACTS. These boobs make wild claims knowing that no one in their audence have been or will ever go there to refute them. So they just pull crap out of their butts. Just making wild claims and lies to rile up the uneducated. Help them sell a dvd or maybe a book. Or get them to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

  4. The P-R Map is a maritime navigation map. It represents a round globe on a 2D flat map. The map is more interested in the distance over the water between land masses than making the landmasses look like you want. So the coast of SA does curve on this map to keep the maritime distances accurate as possible for the time. This does NOT represent Antarctica.

  5. Antarctica has been covered in ice for longer than Homo sapiens have even existed. If there was any civilization in Antarctica they were not human. And that’s getting into extraterrestrial territory.

    So pretty much, no. In no way is this possible.

  6. These guys don’t really know much at all or even take the time to look at all of the evidence. You can’t deny what a historian says just because your little pee brains can’t imagine it or it doesn’t make sense. The truth doesn’t need to make sense. The truth is the truth. And this is not a conspiracy theory. It is an educated theory based on educated factual evidence which these guys didn’t even take the time to actually revise.

    Just another group of people who are herded like sheep like the rest of the masses.

  7. online sleuths? I found them a few years ago by just looking around on Google earth along with the supposed crash site of something cylindrical it's the reason I'm here watching this they don't deserve a special title for 'finding' something I'm sure others besides me saw long beforehand

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