The Kurt Cobain Conspiracy

Who Really Killed Kurt Cobain? Grunge legend Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Seattle home from a gunshot wound to the head – apparently a suicide.




  1. I hate Courtney weather or not she killed him. she's scum and I've known many women like her and they don't give a shit about anything but themselves and are horrible people and give evetyone around them really bad vibes and really not wanted anywhere

  2. Look at how the 'p's are written on the note. It seems they are written one way in the words "people," "passion," and "empathy," and entirely differently in the words "please," "keep," and especially in "happier."

  3. Ok, let's break this down:
    First off, the story of Kurts death was bullshit. You'd have to be an idiot to believe it. No credible evidence presented. People in his hometown allegedly saw him around town for a few days after he supposedly died. The Rolling Stone story says that he hopped the fence at the rehab center he was staying at. Bullshit. Rehab centers like that do not allow patients to go ANYWHERE unsupervised. And also to have hopped the fence and then run away and take a plane, ending up at his childhood home…someone would have taken notice and said something. He was the most famous musician in the world at the time and it was known that he was off his rocker. Someone would have been concerned and called the cops before he could have made it home.
    They built up a vast matrix of control around the mystery of his death . We should stop calling these "conspiracies." Call them "mysteries." I like mysteries. Mysteries are fun.
    Anyway, in short, he is Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. If you look deep into the history of Weezer, the end of Nirvana, and you try to see where the two bands converged, well…they essentially evolved. Kurt Cobain could no longer play with Dave and Krist. Because he was hateful toward all human beings in general. He really was. Not sure how he got to become more forgiving and play with Weezer, but whatever.
    Rivers Cuomos childhood story is mysterious too. Grew up in some religious home, like a Buddhist monastery or something. Interesting coincidence considering Kurt was a satanic Buddhist. Buddhism is about putting spiritual above physical; not being materialistic. It is the common theme, the general trend, between Rivers Cuomo and Kurt Cobain.
    Also, Rivers Cuomo describes himself as "Nirvanas biggest fan." The two men look and sound similar, are similar height and weight and shape. All they would have to do is give him glasses (which Kurt wore sometimes) and dye his hair brown. Weezer has a band called "Goat Punishment" that only covers Nirvana songs. Strange coincidence, and that also sounds like Kurts sense of humor: just really ruthless, brutal sarcasm, although Rivers is less violent than Kurt was; his "Goat Punishment" sense of humor is the next, more forgiving evolutionary step from Kurts "Fecal Matter" and "Stiff Woodies" sense of humor. Those were the names of two of his early bands.
    A lot of what he said was bullshit, some of it was real as heck. And like he said, or rather stole from Neil Young,

    It's better to burn out than to fade away.

  4. Yes, Courtney seems like a woman running from her act. what a non talent. She was here in Minneapolis and knows peop[le I know very well. She came to my music house back in the day and hit on my girlfriend. what a slut. She only knew Kurt for two years. I didn't like her when she was at my house.

  5. Its not a conspiracy its been proven. Courtney Love aka the pyscho who woukd destroy him for her own drug needs.

  6. In the documentary "Soaked in Bleach" its discovered that the uncles mentioned did not kill them selves and also that Kurt never tried killing himself before his death. Just watch the whole documentary it explains a lot more very in-depth

  7. This shit makes me so angry I get that cobain was partying uncontrollably but that fucking bitch courtney set him up and MURDERED him kurt/nirvana is my all time favorite band and it's a shame she is not locked up

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