The Kecksburg UFO Incident | The Conspiracy Files

In December 1965, a UFO crashed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Government authorities swiftly confiscated the object. What exactly fell to Earth? Martin and …




  1. Love the graphics are just copied and pasted from the 90’s game Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. Real nostalgia there.

  2. After 40 or 50 years memories alter. It would not be surprising at all for a mans memory to change to make something larger and more advanced, especially if they wanted to believe that it was an alien craft/probe/whatever.

  3. What about the theory that it is Die Glocke I’m actually really surprised you guys didn’t cover it. It’s a big theory about Kexburg

  4. The object had been sitting in space for thousands of years. It is one reason that it was hot. As it came from the same time as Roswell as noted inscriptions. Based on what happened in Russia many years before. I expect it was a defective self guided nuke that did not arm itself. .

  5. There is one more theory. It was one of the german WW2 superweapon called "die Glocke". The shape would supposedly match the same as the "hieroglyphic" (in fact runic) inscriptions.

  6. a ball of fire about half a mile high in the sky surrounded by a hazy gas that was making a hissing and crackling sound that traveled much to slow for a meteor
    maybe 300 to 400mph is what i saw as it traveled from west to east along the lake erie shore line over cleveland ohio and then turned slightly to the south out of my view on that afternoon in 1965 and let me add that i had watched the cleveland air show over that very same sky and so i had a very good reference to go from.

  7. Um. That looks…ALOT like an early nuclear weapon. We know that incidents like the military accidentally dropping (inactivated) bombs on the US. Like the Nuke that’s still underground in the Carolinas.

  8. people that are so skeptic like that its because they don't know what the world is like yet, but also it can be because they are scared of finding that something they dont like is real. They prefer that life would be simple and to think everyone has good intentions so anything which contradicts that they find forced rationalizations to ignore it.

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