The Jesus Conspiracy

But why were just those four gospels chosen over others? Outside the Bible, can we prove Jesus existed? And if he didn’t exist, who created his story, and why?




  1. According to Islam, Jesus (Hazrat Isa) was a prophet of Allah. He was sent to a nation to bring them towards Allah and stop doing sins. Lets skip to his death, he wasnt crucified. Instead Allah rose him to the heavnes and he is alive and he never died. Instead Allah made a person look like him and he was crucified instead of jesus. Now Hazart isa (jesus) will come back to fight dajjal. This will happen near the day of judgement. Christians and us have this not in common that they belive jesus is God whereas we believe Allah is God and jesus was his prophet. Neither Allah's son or partner. He was just a prophet. May you all come on the right path. So we all could be in Jannat (paradise) together

  2. I have this theory that a guy supposedly alive 2000 years ago or something (when Jesus was born says religious groups) decided to do an April fools joke that went to far and that's how religious groups believe in Jesus. But it's my opinion so please don't call me an idiot for not believing in relgion

  3. That would mean that Islam is Fake too because if Jesus wasn't real, because Islam teaches about Jesus being a prophet not god. But if we can't further prove that Isà(Jesus) actually existed. Then both religions would be proven wrong simultaneously.

  4. I know and believe Jesus is real i can't make u believe but I hope u know someday I can't prove but I can have hope we may all see in the end?

  5. This depiction of so-called Jesus Christmas is Cesar Borgia of the 1700 Era. The Son of the creator has brass color feet and white wooly hair and that doesn't describe a white man.Jesus Christmas is deception and false teaching.Yahawashi was a so called black man just like the real Jews are so called black people of the tribe of Judah

  6. I used to be fascinated with the whole Christ myth theory, starting with the movie Zeitgeist which led to a whole deep rabbit hole on Dorothy Murdock's theories, which critical examination almost always showed to be extremely misleading and in some cases outright lies. One time, can't remember which video, but I commented about how stupid she was on some YouTube video, this was probably summer 2012, and someone who either had to have been her or somebody who has studied her work too faithfully with not enough scrutiny started calling me all these names, and even though I explained multiple times that I was not a Christian apologist whatsoever, just trying to set the historical record straight, every time I would disprove their logic they would faithfully resort to "You are just a delusional Christian with a mental illness", at one point also calling me "a lying sack of shit". I'm still almost positive it was her. I didn't know she died though, I do recall seeing on her website a few years ago, when i revisited it out of curiosity, that she was battling cancer. Nowadays I am in school and couldn't care less about the mythology of Christianity and rarely go down that hole in my downtime, I'm sad to hear that she passed away though.

  7. Some hoe just lied her way out of cheating on her husband and in the process created the nigga who made this religion.. smh

  8. Jesus was real, it's down in all the history books and in every religion they identify Jesus as a real person, it's if he is the son of God that has people arguing

  9. only the Catholics would come up with this stuff. How many other pieces of history do you need to prove Jesus lived. How may times do historians have to prove Jesus lived. You people are ridiculous you don't have to believe he was born or that he was the son of God or that he died and was raised from the grave. Nobody is twisting your arm. It is your choice and when you meet him you can tell him yourself. Just leave Christians alone for once. Save yourself some grief latter on. But you had better believe you are right. Your soul is at stake. Dorothy Murdock has found out the truth by now.

  10. There is historical proof of Jesus. Many people tried to write "explanations" of why stuff like earthquakes and the curtains of the temple ripping in two happened at the time of Jesus' death. Written by eye-witnesses. Just saying that that is strong evidence.

  11. What a load of rubbish and contradiction, ….get your facts right……. Emperor Constantine's sister was a Christian, and would not give up her beliefs,… Constantine did not become a Christian or live a Christian life, until on his deathbed he begged to be baptized …… may God forgive you and open your eyes

  12. Funny that… Did you know the man in question real name was Yousha.. how many Christians or Catholics knew that… Also how many middle eastern men you know called Matthw,Mark Luke or John?
    hands up if you think Jesus was a full blown white man as depicted in the West when he goes on about saying free his slaves also look where he was living in that era…

  13. I believe in God and Jesus, some people who do not believe God and Jesus have been raised to be like that they have been taught by relatives that do not believe in God and Jesus. I have been raised in a religious family, I believe in God and Jesus because they are my saviour. Jesus died for the sake of the world to save us from the sins that cursed us. Like Noah's ark with the flood that covered earth, that was a symbol or warning, that was a new start for humanity. With David and Goliath, ( hope I spelt that right ) David killed the giant named Goliath with a sling and a rock with the power of God and Jesus he hit the giant on the forehead and cut his head with the giants heavy sword, David could not carry the weight of the kings armour so how could he carry the giants sword? With the power of God and Jesus. You might be asking why did God and Jesus not give David the strength to carry the armour? Because God and Jesus knows what's best for us they knew that David could not have 100% accuracy with the sling when he had amour on so that is why they did not give him the strength to carry the armour. God spoke to Moses and told him to free his people and with his staff he freed the people with the guidance of God. This is what I believe in God and Jesus, they know what is best for us they are our Saviours.

  14. They have Roman and Jewish records proving Jesus did exist and records of his trial where he was crucified it's just the part wether he was the son of god that's unproven.

  15. if god really did exist, why does he make people suffer from the moment they were born? why does "he" infect us with diseases that kill us a week later? why bring a child into this world only to have it die a month later? is it because of our "sins"? since were such horrible people, once we have children, theyll all be infected with disease and die? why does he allow children to do horrible things to themselves?? if he truly did love us, why is the world in its current state, with every religion combating each other? why kill us in car accidents when we have "so much to live for?" if a priest cannot answer me these questions, please, someone else answer them. if you cant, ill stay an atheist. stop forcing your ideas on me.

    (apparently combating is spelled with one t lol)

  16. Honesty I think Jesus was a hybrid from alien I mean it's alout more placable and the fact he didn't have or ever did have a dad could be Mary got injected with sperm from a alien to make a smart loving hybrid human called Jesus to spread good word

  17. Jesus was a human being and a prophet of God. There is only one Almighty God.
    Also Gospels written after Jesus are all fabricated and corrupted in some parts.

  18. Jesus is real, I've seen God in a vision and it says in the bible that the pure in heart shall see God, I used to be a skeptic and used to always bash Christians because I never had any evidence to believe that Christianity was the truth until I found bible verses matching all of these things happening in the world.

    I ended up getting baptized and then it felt like I opened my eyes for the first time in my life, I asked the guy what was going on and he said I was born again, it's fucking crazy, I'm telling you, go do it and you'll see for yourself, If you don't believe then whatever but i'm telling you it's real.

  19. If we are going to allow people to write about things they never witnessed to count as evidence, I guess if I write about Jesus now that counts as evidence huh. lol.

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