‘The Jefferson Lies’ a best-seller – again!

JeffersonLies32a ”The Jefferson Lies” has done it again, rocketing up to best-seller status at Amazon.com on the day of its release.

“I’m thrilled with the response of Americans,” said author and historian David Barton. “It validates their interest in true and accurate American history.”

Barton’s first edition of ”The Jefferson Lies” hit the New York Times best-seller list before an unprecedented politically correct campaign by leftist ideologues intimidated publisher Thomas Nelson into withdrawing it. But now, WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah sees redemption for Barton and ”The Jefferson Lies” after its extraordinary opening day.

“You would think the book industry would take not and learn a lesson from past experience – that there continues to be great demand for this great book and consumers don’t care about what the politically correct critics have to say,” Farah said. “David Barton’s book has now proven itself twice as a best-seller with one remarkable recall based on political correctness in between. It’s an amazing story. On the day the paperback edition of ‘Jefferson Lies’ was released, it hit as high as No. 4 among all books at Amazon.”

It’s even leading to an unusual problem – retailers are running out of copies of the book and are unable to keep up with demand.

“There seems to be a great reluctance to stock this book among retailers, including Amazon,” said Farah. “Every single outlet carrying it is backordered – except for the WND Superstore where there are plenty and it is available autographed. In fact, the WND Superstore has  both editions available for a special discount price and offers autographs by David Barton. But even on backordered status at Amazon, it reached the very top of the charts on day one.”

And leading conservatives are speaking out to praise the book. Glenn Beck was especially passionate in his praise for the book, exclaiming to Barton, “I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’ve published this and put this out.” Beck also denounced what he called the “liberal bastards” whom he blamed for having it pulled in the first place and called those who withdrew the book “cowards.”

“This has taken their arguments and dismantled all of their arguments,” Beck enthused.

The new edition of ”The Jefferson Lies” contains all new material rebutting the claims made by critics and defending America’s iconic Founding Father.

“It’s even stronger than it was before,” Beck said. “The reason why they wanted it pulled in the first place is not because the facts aren’t right. It’s because this gentleman that he is talking about in this book is revolutionary. If you don’t take this guy down [Thomas Jefferson], you can’t destroy America.”

Beck argues the book is invaluable intellectual ammunition against what he believes are the left’s misrepresentations of history and destroys “everything that the left has said about Thomas Jefferson that is an out-and-out distortion and lie, backed up with the facts.”

Indeed, Barton says it’s now clear there was a silver lining to the campaign of intimidation that led to the first edition being withdrawn.

“The campaign against the book actually has resulted in getting additional information out about Jefferson that was not included in the first edition,” Barton told WND. “If anything, it has solidified Jefferson’s position rather than having weakened it. And for that, we’re very grateful. With this second book about Jefferson and by directly responding to the critics, we’re actually getting information out about Jefferson we didn’t have in the first book which validates our position. The ammunition is much more effective so people can defend the Founding Fathers in a positive way.”

The book is also a No. 1 best-seller in the categories of “Church & State” and “Religion, Politics & State” at Amazon.com. Barton says the new edition is doing so well precisely because American Christians are eager to understand these concepts and defend America’s founding ideals.

“I think intuitively it goes to the fact that Americans have a love for liberty,” Barton said. “They have a love for faith, for limited government, for individual rights. And they very much feel like that by holding those beliefs they are seen as ‘strange’ in today’s culture. They feel both invigorated and re-inspired when they discover what they believe is what made America great over the last 200 years and was the basis on which America was founded. It gives them strength, support and validation for what they already believe and what they are being vilified for today.”

Barton hopes the new edition of the book will have a significant impact on the contemporary political debate.

He told WND: “I’m hoping that the impact of this new edition is that Americans will get reacquainted with our founding principles in such a way that they will be able to more vigorously defend those principles, have a greater basis for doing so and be able to turn the tide in the debates and discussions we’re having right now. We know from polling that conservatives outnumber liberals in all but three states. You would never know that. And we know conservatives are less likely to speak than liberals or moderates because conservatives don’t want to speak until they have a mastery of the facts. Others will tell you what their opinions are as if they are facts.”

Now, thanks to ”The Jefferson Lies,” Barton believes Christian conservatives will have the facts they need to push back against a hostile secularist agenda.

“My hope is that this book will give this great number of Americans who are now silent a basis to begin pushing back against academia, against the media, against the politicians and against all the parts of the culture that are trying to exclude them and their beliefs from the public square.”