The Hitler Conspiracy in 10 Minutes with Kristan T Harris

Kristan T. Harris of the Rundown Live goes over the Hitler Conspiracy in 10 Minutes Adolf Hitler, Nathan Rothschild, Baron Rothschild, Hitler is a Rothschild, …




  1. Not only did this video smear Hitler's good name. It delves into 10 minutes of pure misinformation meant to discredit and distract. You make your ancestors weep you Zionist Slave.

  2. I remember Hitler's Book "Mein Kampf" [My Struggle]..
    Must've been his struggle to fit his defeated gross moustache
    in a tiny Nazi U-Boat & leg it down to The Andes Mountain Range
    in Argentina to save his evil wicked self from being convicted of war
    crimes at the Nuremberg Trials & either death or life in jail..
    Hitler has only got one ball,
    The other is in the Albert Hall,
    In his escape boat, Mein Kampf ball'n'all,
    That "Suicide bunker" story just another load of B.S to haul,
    [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]
    Why thank you.. You're all just to kind..

  3. And! not to forget post 1945 the US of A did OPERATION PAPERCLIP: tons of suddenly clean Nazi Intelligence agents + rocket scientists were naturalized; fast forward to 1963: convenient removal by bullet of the President: FASCIST takeover of the government & the US emerges as the Fourth Reich. Far fetched? Just noat s.v.p. the dirty influences of the Bushes from Prescott to H.W. to moron Baby Bush. And the mess their New World Order has put the planet in. Catchy frase eh? coined by none other than .. .. a "New Order" gd. old ADOLPH H. Hmmm mmm m

  4. Hitler is dead the war's over, Germany lost (big time ). While Hitler was a peasant he sure as hell wasn't a Jew. I don't believe that some people believe this bullshit. Lmfao!!!

  5. A Rothchild? So they set up a system to destroy them? Fascist no! Mussolini many others, wasn't first to use sown labels, all rubbish. Dennis wise covered all this as did experts on topic, stop spreading lies and disinformation. Typical Jewish tactic, make up things to discredit a system to free mankind from dept slavery. Loads of people invested, you would have to be a fool to not invest in success! Was because he loved his people and culture. Nitwit nonsense. Just ridiculous insults, he hated communism and was neither left nor right but Middle path, unity of all classes in progress and betterment. A nationalist. They lie and tell holocaustianity stories constantly because afraid you will check for truth, find freedom doesn't mean harming people. Could you have American system without slavery, yes! Can do with anything. Holocaust was to germans and many others. Germany feared holodomor, and Genocides on borders by Jewish communists. Rubbish

  6. "Adolf Hitler poured petrol over his body and ignited it, " – PR Sarkar in his book "PROUT in a Nutshell"

  7. dude, this entire video is incorrect. Its so far off. Hitlers "spiritual" / "occult" beliefs came from ancient Germanic Shamanism from the Teutonic Myths and the book "Germania", Just look at the Runes, the "Temple of Doom" with the Black Sun emblem on the floor, The swastika was an emblem on Thors belt, Germanic Paganism is the source.

  8. I don't doubt a lot of this is true. However, it was the Zionist Jews behind the transfer agreement and many guards at the concentration camps during ww2 wee Zionist. In addition, according to the American red cross no more than 270,301 people died in all camps combined. Jews made up of only about 50 percent of this figure. So yeah, the holocaust is a lie.

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