The History Of Hacking | Codes And Conspiracies

The history and evolution of encryption and code breaking in the modern world. Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: …




  1. 3:51 that's fucked up. :L like what DA F???? TF, why would you do that. that's hella messed up. muslim or not, its a dormant cultural thing being attacked.

  2. "Hacking" is simply illegal and the state has obviously been immune or conveniently enbracing a double standard herin. What better reason for the elimination of the pseudo-omnipotent state than this lunatic modus operandi: do as I say….?

  3. Media Media Media…. Always drawing a bridge between Muslim and Terrorists… I mean, there are Americans who joined gangs and killed many people.. there are Italian, Spanish and Mexican Mafia mobs who traffic drugs and kill tons of people, there are those politicians who will kick poor people who live in a land just to reconstruct and let foreigners live in the area. Every community in this world will have good and bad people…now just because 9/11 doesn't mean that EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM IN EARTH is a terrorist, its just a group that is less than 10% of the whole community…

    Now if you go to a non-Muslim country and ask: "What pops in your mind when you hear the word bomb?" they wouldn't say explosives or wars or anything else. Guess what they would say…good you guessed it… Muslims. The Media are to be blamed……and that is it.

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