The Great Azerite Conspiracy

Tin foil hats ahoy! Not really but the removal of Azerite is a major bonus, let’s hope and pray the replacement isnt terribad. ———- Swag: …




  1. I think they don't know wtf they are doing anymore since the best dev's are on mobile now…apparently mighty Blizzard aint got shit on loot box ROI according to Activision. We all said for years that only WoW could kill WoW and this next year will prove that conspiracy/prophecy true. I'm still scared that suits swoop in and fuck up classic before too long. as only gd change needed was the busted ass pvp ranking from back then.

  2. "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few" – Spock.

    Personally, I'd be okay with legions version carrying over into BFA, perhaps they could have designed it so each piece of armor does different things, i.e. chest piece focuses on defense, shoulders focus on utility and head piece focus on abilities while the neck could work as concordance, directly impacting on player power, so it works similarly to traits in legion in which direction to go in but the traits and impact work differently, despite the change over from abilities, I'd be interested to see if they went down the path of trinkets instead of armor or weapons and allows you to customize what proc to utilize but that may very well be worse off…

  3. I played Legion but I could tell BfA was not for me. Not only did I smell something rotten in the dev cycle, but also just thematically I didn't like it. I thought that Legion would have been a really nice capstone for WoW, but of course they're gonna milk this cow dry. I still do like WoW, and I keep tabs on it via Preach because I like it, so I hope they fix this stuff out, and I hope the next expansion is something I can get into.

  4. the thing is that if they put stuff on the heart it will likely be generic and boring shit because it is supposed to work with all the spec on the character….if you are supposed to choose between your specs then it's another system to be put in place to change it from spec to spec…i don t see how this is going to work to make specs fun again on a generic piece that is supposed to be for all

  5. Tbh, I’m too cynical to believe this wasn’t at some level just a rushed reaction and Activision telling Blizz they had to give up and make something new.

    I personally really like the story and lore they’re going with for BFA, and want to like the game and have fun playing, but I just can’t. Can’t put my finger on any one thing specifically, but I just don’t find the different grinds worth doing, or even playing my main classes for extended periods of time fun anymore. Hopefully 8.2 will change at least some of this?

  6. Remember in BC when I could log in, play — not win merely PLAY! Ten matches of arenas, even in 2v2, and Id get my weekly points and always be able to get my best in slot pvp gear and pvp set. Tops 20 minutes a week and I was 'set'. Where 99% of my pvp was done for absolutely no reward unless I was raising in rating, which was primarially done for vanity, for ego. The requirement to unlock pvp gear was pretty darn low for 90% of the set.

  7. This xPac is the new WoD to tie us over until they’re done with the following expansion. I have a feeling they’re doing this again.

  8. So I think BFA was a good expansion. A lot of the content is solid. It's just that azerite gear really was the main focus as to why people don't care for it so much. They could have made it similar to past expansions with no legendaries, no artifact weapons, none of that kind of progression. Just a swap to old talents and keep tier gear a thing. I honestly thought getting my 4 piece for any tier was the best sign of progression for my character. Then the legendaries that not everyone got was a sign too. Like when my raid was the only one with a person having thunderfury or both warglaives. It showed our team's progression. It was a good feeling. Made me feel like I helped contribute to the team. So there was character progression as well as guild mini progression outside of the actual raid progression.

  9. It won't change anything, there are still so many aspects of WoW that are fucked. Its gonna take another god damn xpack just to save it and thats ONLY IF they don't make things even worse again.

  10. I agree with you totally, on the fact that their aim should not be to keep players on. Just grinding away on some non sense thing. I prefer they work on good game content. Story keeps me coming back. Just hope they don't Smurf that up!

  11. I have been playing blizzard games since Diablo 1 and Starcraft. I have been playing wow since the beginning of BC but recently I have lost faith almost entirely in them.
    It feel like blizzard is just throwing band-aids on the systems in this incomplete, rushed expansion trying to make it feel like a good game again(or hold on to as many subs as they can until they actually get a fix built.). I do agree they decided to scrap the current azerite system long ago but their communication with the player base and testers is still horrible. I currently don't have a sub to wow because I can't stand the game and 8.2 is the last hope for me to come back.

  12. This sounds like the classic corporate short term results bullshit that plagates the corporate world. Instead of making a good movie, they set up the sequel. Instead of making good systems, make cheap weays to retain players. Dumbasses.

  13. They're not admitting defeat they're adding to A system that was always intended to be added to your f**** moron… Azeroth pieces will still exist and they will still have levels to unlock them but those levels for any competent player will be attainable due to artifact knowledge………. if you're going to assume stuff without taking the words that came out of ions mouth then please don't stream in English because you have no understanding of the language

  14. If they get rid of the heart of Azeroth and Azeroth power, replace Azerite WQs with Titan Residuim/Valor Points, have Island Expiditions award VP, and balance around 3 ring azerite armor rather than 5, the game might be good again . Tired of feeling like I have to do island expeditions to keep up with the damn game

  15. Oh come on Preach; we knew about this silliness when the DAILY QUESTS came out and blizz doubled and tripled down on log in to grind aspect.

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