The Grand Maester Conspiracy: what are the maesters up to?

Is there a Grand Maester Conspiracy in Game of Thrones / ASOIAF? Were the maesters behind the decline of the Targaryens, dragons and magic? This video …




  1. I think theres enough evidence to make a case for a conspiracy against the Targs. I always thought it was weird how the main families from each kingdom never really married other major families, except for right before Robert's rebellion. Stark+Baratheon marriage, Tully+Stark marriage, possible Tully+Lannister marriage, possible Lannister+Martell marriage, Arryn+Tully Marriage. I think they were trying to form a supergroup to stand against Targaryen rule.

  2. i think the maesters caused the Doom of Valyria by hiring the faceless men to assassinate the fire wizards that are preventing the Fourteen Flames from blowing up.
    InDeepGeek made a very detailed video about this (check it out), and honestly i think this the best and most plausible GOT theory i've ever heard since Jon being a Targarian

  3. You could look at Pycelle and how he manipulated the Mad King into opening the gates for Tywin near the end of Roberts Rebellion so is it so far fetched that many maesters are plotting? Now it might not even be a massive plot by every maester I think it's like every other thing in GoT most of them want to further themselves more then the realm but some are actually trying to serve the realm (Luwin for example)

  4. Lady Fatal Attraction is making a lot of sense for once. The Maesters and more importantly the Faith of the Seven have proven to be most unhealthy for Dragonlords, their dragons and the ancient first men families in general.

  5. i don't know if you are right about the dragon pit compared to daenys dragons, hers were free until she came to mereen and she only locked them away when they became too big. also drogon was the biggest of them nd never was locked up under the pyramid, while daeny notices that the other 2 stayed smaller since they were locked up

  6. I believe all these speculations is based on an erroneous assumption – that GRRM knows what he's doing. I don't believe he does – he randomly creates subplots that lead nowhere, and then abandons them. We all assume that all the loose ends will be tied up in the final book, and with the TV series diverging in complete tangents from the books, I doubt that the final book will EVER be written, or if it were, it'd have a completely different ending from the TV series, or it'll just be a mash-up job with none of the loose ends resolved.

  7. I thought they 'killed the dragons' by suppressing magic in general. Dragons are tied to magic, we hear this in the books, as Danny is told magic is getting stronger because dragons exist. If the maesters suppress magic in general, could this weaken the dragons somehow?

  8. I also think one of Cressen's motivations was for Shireen, which kind of goes without saying considering how he viewed Stannis. His prologue chapter was extremely interesting to read. Freggin' patchface creeped me out the whole time and honestly I'm glad that the show's version of Cressen got to avoid the humiliation that he did in the book from Lady Selyse having Patchface put his tin bucket antler helm on the Maester.. I also feel like a lot of the motivation was to preserve the faith of the seven and I am not sure but was Cressen aware of Melisendre's plans to burn the Godswood on Dragonstone already? I think he felt like there was a lot of blasphemy more than magical badness on top of just a great love for Stannis and his family.

  9. i think maester are the reason the white walkers are back. men think they can control the world. white walkers show you can't. remember the maester mention it was they who kill the dragons off. things are to go at their own time, not men's time. you mess with natural, it will mess with you back.

  10. Pycelles breakdown and confession for his love for tywin being the king is obviously bs. Same can be said for Cressen and him loving Stannis like he was his father, could also be bs for a cover-up. They definitely seem like they are targeting magic and the dragons and these excuses definitely just seem like more of a cover-up than they are truth. Pycelle has already been shown to be untrustworthy in the show so him lying about his confession for Tywin isn't too far off, which makes me think that Cressen could also be lying.

    Maybe all the Maesters that council their respective Lords are playing tricks with their Lords to control the realm, and maybe they are the spiders that help Varys stay informed of what is going on in the realm. Maybe Varys is part of the plot with the Maesters to stop magic and dragons. This would explain why he is in Essos right next to the Targaeryan herself, Danaerys. Who knows what Varys' true motives are anyway and I could also be wrong about this.

  11. The lack of evidence but all of the close possibility is proof enough in my opinion. They did their best to cover all their tracks and hide any true evidence, but they can't hide all the coincidental situations

  12. Have you noticed how Maester Pycell was stuttering all throughout the series until Tywin confronted him. All of a sudden Pycell started to speak normally and very firmly. He is an actor 301 for sure 😉

  13. Great video, but I have one issue with your info: Dany's 2 confined dragons DID get stunted from their time in confinement. They are nowhere near as big as Drogon.

  14. Rhaegal and vyserion didn’t grow as much as drogon did while he was ranging wild and they were in the dungeon so there is some evidence of that part of the theory

  15. There is a small chance that the master of Westeros are an early branch off the Faceless Men. Why they give up their names and serve for the greater good I think that the masks of the arch maester are what makes me think of it. They were set there early in Westeros' history to guide and shape the history of this continent like they did for the fall of Valeria and then for the City of Bravos

  16. I don't think wanting to get rid of magic makes the Masters evil I mean look at all horrible things magic does in the story and show creates shadow monster,Eyuron plans to summon cathulu,the faceless men use it to kill,and while Danny is kind of good her dragons kill and eat people even kids and in the show we see the whiteWalkers where created with magic and Melisandre burns A child alive in a magic ritual so while magic does help the reality is it does more harm than good

  17. According to the books, the two dragons that were chained up were significantly smaller than drogon. Also they were chained up for a significantly shorter period then the previous dragons.

  18. The Maesters killed the dragons by killing egg his son Duncan and Duncan the tall at summerhall. Egg tried to hatch eggs maesters messed with them so everybody burned to death.

  19. 4:54 magic and dragons are also something that is completely out of their power to control so it only makes sense that they would hate and distrust them.

    7:25 but the two that were kept indoors were smaller than their brother that was flying free?

  20. Dragons do grow less when they are kept in a enclosure. Look at the size difference between Drogon and the other two dragons, Viserion and Rhaegal.

  21. Grand Maestor Pycelle is revealed to be faking it all. There's an episode where Pycelle and Tywin have a convo where Pycelle finally drops the act. He says that he does not have any grand plan in motion and just wants to live but who knows. It definitely is interesting that he is able to fool some of the biggest players in the game of thrones(except of course Tywin).

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