The Frosty The Snowman Theory – Frosty Is Evil? – Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 89) @ChannelFred

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  1. Frosty is not evil and the girl is not magic; the hat is magic. And In Frost's world there is only good magic. (In harry potter world there is good and evil magic and in reality there is only evil practices of magic whether you believe that or not). Frosty is snow he's not going to get right or wrong, he relies on the kids and people around him to know what to do; like an animal. And just so you all will know, people are born wicked/sinful whether you believe that or not(psalms 58:3 KJV). Jesus loves you(John 3:16KJV); accept him and trust him for true life(Romans 10:9-12KJV)

  2. The characters live in a period where coal was the common fuel source, that's why the children have the coal. And Frosty is a snow-based newborn being with little knowledge of the world, he clearly doesn't know what a cop actually is or does and he probably doesn't understand that not everyone can handle the cold and snow like he can

  3. I watched the cartoon in my class, and all the children made the snowman at school, and one of them had a corn cob pipe with them, and used it for frosty. So this kid just CONVENIENTLY has a PIPE in his pocket!?!?

  4. am i evil for hating the song and therefor the little short?

    if he is a demon am i better person?
    Every time i hear the song i yell "burn ,Burn in a pit"

  5. I think they inherited the magic from their parents. We never see the parents in the movie, so we don’t know what they’re like. Maybe demons or witches?

  6. Wow. This does not make sense.
    1. Just because there is coal doesn't mean it's EVIL.
    2.The kids did not know that Frosty was going to come alive. They just wanted to build a snowman and the hat falls on his head and he comes alive.
    3. AT THE END OF THE ORIGINAL MOVIE, Karen gets dropped off at her house right BEFORE Christmas. It can't be Christmas twice you know.
    4. You Overlooked the lyrics "There must have been some MAGIC in that old silk hat they found. For when they placed it on his head… he began to dance around!
    5. Frosty is a childish snowman
    0 Silk hats out of 5! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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