The Freemasons Conspiracy

The Freemasons | Declassified They’re the most famous elite society in the world – yet also the most secretive. What do we actually know about them?




  1. The church didn't abolish them because they were trying to "explain life without God", they used Dark magic and the secrets of the Kabbala passed on from the Knights Templar, so they more than anyone, know exactly that there's God, they just chose to follow Satan as they believe was was unjustly been cast away from heaven.

  2. secret my ass, theres a freemason building in my city with signs out front advertising for you to join.

    its just that a bunch of dipshits always fucking assume the freemasons and illuminati are connected so they think that the freemasons are a secret order.

    Freemasons are a secret exclusive order in the same sense that the mcdonalds employees are.

  3. My grandad is a Freemason. That was an interesting car journey, finding out your grandad was a high up secret society member

  4. The practice of having different handshakes is even in the order of the arrow. The OA is a secret society within the boy scouts, which was founded by a freemason.

  5. so.. you made a "declassified" video that didn't disprove ANY conspiracies. Thanks. I was kind of hoping you would. ? these conspiracy theories are getting so bad people believe them so much that they are commiting suicide and confronting police figures that are just doing their job. we need a video out there that would actually declassify the freemasons. not just tell its history

  6. I'm a Freemason and it's just a group of guys raising millions for charity and having a laugh at the same time. Nothing sinister at all.

  7. iw Irish water got every Irish man/woman's name from gov even do the Irish ppl said Thay was not sining up for iw so how Thay get all the ppl info ??

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  9. The only thing that freemasonry is to make good men better, the secret is actually the right to have privacy, there are things that separate a common man and a mason, if you want to become a better man and your motives are pure…then ask a mason how to become a mason.

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