The Flat Earth Theory | The Conspiracy Files

It’s one of the first things we learn growing up. One plus one is two, and the world is round. But what if we’ve all been brainwashed into believing a lie? Could the …




  1. So flat earthers believe that the governent are covering up the moon landing by lyring about the world being spherical rather than flat. Why wouldnt they just say it was flat if that was the case?

  2. Flat Earth theory is actually super fascinating and it has been built properly.
    Why do I say that?
    Because they claim they are willing to believe in spherical Earth if you give them proof.
    Why is it so hard? Because they built the theory in the way, that science doesn't basically exist.
    You can't give them proof about gravity because it "doesn't exist", yet they are the ones who use gravity in their "pour water onto a ball and onto a plate" -"theory".
    You can't show them pictures about Earth from space, because no man has ever been in space and all the photos are faked.

    See what I mean? They practically built the theory so bombproof, that it's literally impossible to prove Earths shape without science and science is the only way to prove it.

  3. When I learnt that we have never seen a picture of the earth, only composites of satellite strips, wrapped together to make a globe, I knew that the globe theory was a lie.

  4. "It takes such a monumental cover up from multiple agencies"…. Right. Because that's NEVER happened before… I think if, 20, 50, 3000 yrs from now it turns out the earth was flat all along it's DEF due to a cover up of the American space program's FAILURES to actually reach space or at least to reach space FIRST. Everything sounds crazy until the proof comes out lol.

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