Are mermaids real? Conspiracy theory. This topic interests me so much so I wanted to share with you guys so I hope you found it fascinating as well 🙂 Thanks for …




  1. Now that I kno of yhe aquatic ape theory I consider that mermaids and mermen could be real, besides seeing pics of them on prehistoric cave walls by very early man which dates back even further than Greek mythology or worldwide mythology as they were believed by humans from Scotland to China, to all over. Myth is older than most people think.

  2. She said that Christopher Columbus founded America next to the Indians….. no, American is the Indians home, that why they are called native Americans.

  3. Mermaids mythology talks about more then Mermaids. It talks about woman deep diving and fishing. Woman in the Dark Ages would swim naked in the water and fish for lobster crab. A person from town would see the woman on the beach and get back to town and say that they saw a Mermaid. A woman was identified as a Mermaid and was arrested and put in jail. We all know what happened next.

  4. Hahahahahaha. Yes all land creature evolved from the sea that’s a known fact. Please go back to school and study harder. All your doing is taking what you saw on animal planet and making it real. They did the same for shark week and it was bad and complete crap.

  5. IMPORTANT INFO: Okay, think of this, why do they hid mermaids? What do mermaids have that is so secretive? They don’t capture or hid whales! They don’t keep seals a secret! They don’t hide sharks for cryin out loud! I think sharks are more of a threat then mermaids! But think about it! What do mermaids have that they are so scared of! That they are sooo willing to keep secret!!! Like come on! Sharks eat us all the time and they don’t keep them a secret!!! What could mermaids possibly do that’s worse!!! Do they have some sort of unknown power? Do they have secrets of the earth that we can’t know about! Okay, so this thought just came to my head! Are they possibly are warriors!! Are they fighting wars for us? Or are they made of a certain bacteria that can cure cancer! Or maybe they are made out of a certain chemical that makes our bombs! Okay that sounds super sad but come on! If they told us, we would definitely fight for them! Maybe they need to kill them for what they are made of for our own existence! I don’t know! But I want to know! BTW I love your videos!!! Thanks so much! I love your content!! Keep up the great work!! I do believe in mermaid btw!!! Also, what is government sonar used for? To map out the ocean! So maybe they have in fact discovered more of the ocean than we think! Because they are still using it illegally! But why haven’t they told us? Just a thought!!!

  6. Humans please stop being mean to another creatures be gentle with mother Gaia not every non humans are demons or evil the reason why these beautiful creatures doesn’t show in the public is because of YOU is Dragons elves mermaids lycans unicorns are real all of them are real but not until humans killed them all there are some non-human creatures in here but they are few and very well hidden once humans get changed once Gaia get healed they will be back we finally gonna live among humans we will be together again please please get change

  7. You can't win no matter what I have watched the dissection of a body washed up ashore due to sonar and the government took it away and an actual agent admitted to Area 51 having a human creature but we can dive but need to come up for air like a dolphin but people would think they were aliens they can't talk they screech plus fisher man keep finding small sharp objects in there fish but people who doubt please watch the documentary about evolution and then watch the sub that sees this actual mermaid while under water please before anyone judges this girl I believe in mermaids too 100%

  8. First I believe they exist, but the Columbus thing, most believe that he actually just saw a manatee or dugong. The other things do make more sense and I believe there is more evidence than just what you said.

  9. Or are mermaids a mixed breed of dolphins and humans considering dolphins allegedly are one of only a few animals, besides humans, that have sex for pleasure not just reproduction?!?🤯

  10. I had such an intense experience near Area 51..im an empath spirtually open and i cldnt not believe where i was traveling with my kids..its scares me to thinj about it. My angels give me signs and they were all there.

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