The Dolan Twins CONSPIRACY THEORY: Ethan is Grayson’s CLONE

this is my conspiracy theory about how i think the dolan twins aren’t actually twins and that ethan is just a clone of grayson. 100000 likes and ill do an interview …




  1. You know that Grayson would have to be the clone because Ethan is older then Grayson by 20 minutes plus they have baby pictures of when they were first born so no heat though good video

  2. Okay so like I became a fan-ish of Ricky ever since he did a Pokemon go video I WAS into him until this video…. This video kinda made me mad bc he's talking shit about Ethan and Grayson like wtf they are NOT clones…. They are 100% REAL…. I'm not an hater but this video made me mad I love you Ricky but this video is one of the worst videos I've ever seen from you ~~~~~
    ~ I know that didn't make any sense

  3. Or Ethan and Grayson just grew up and went through PUBERTY and bc usually people have their haircut so they’re hair doesn’t grow so long that they trip on it, this is stupid, this is called fame seeker.

  4. How did they do the tour then, how do they do meet and greets, award shows, trl? You sound like you used to work at a cloning Center tbh ??

  5. I think grayson is the twin cause remember they said grayson dies at birth but "came back to life" 0.0 maybe ethan made a clone of himself when he found out he had a brother but who died. And everybody thinks their brothers because maybe ethan did something to their memory!

  6. I know this is SUPER fake cøz their baby pics and Bob & Rob I could even tell them apart when they were lil. Plus the pic actually proves that Ethan tells the truth cøz Eth said " No joke I can fall asleep in ANY position ". Oh and Hellooooooooo one week away video they're real twins. If Ethan was a clone he wouldn't be extra. And they were conjoined in the womb that proves THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE THEY'RE NOTHING LIKE U. I DON'T CARE IF ANYONE PUTS HATE ON ME. I'M JUST MAKING SURE NOBODY SMACK TALKS MY BABIES. BECAUSE I'M A REAL BROMIEOMIE. Oh and ETHAN IS FREAKING OLDER AND HOW DID THEY GO ON TOUR

  7. so your saying that "grasyson's" mom agreed to make a clone of him… umm. and why is there videos of the dolan twins when they were younger (bob and rob). there are so many pictures out there of when they were babys.

  8. wнaт aвoυт wнen тнey were lιттle ??? can ѕoмeone eхplaιn?? and alѕo yoυ ѕнoυld alѕo мeeт jaĸe paυl тo ѕee ιғ нe ѕay any мore prooғ ?

  9. THIS VIDEO WAS SO FUN TO MAKE!! Lol if this video gets 100,000 likes I'll try to make a video with Ethan and grayson interview style about the theory! Also after reading comments so many of y'all are taking this SO seriously haha I'm definitely joking. This entire video is supposed to be taken as a joke I clearly don't think they're clones LOL just made this for fun :~) I love the twins, no disrespect intended! But I really enjoyed making this, I think I wanna start making other youtuber conspiracy theory videos, I actually already have another one in mind! Let me know if you'd like to see more like this!

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