The Dogbone Conspiracy | DANGEROUS Falls on HOMEMADE Gear

If you enjoyed it, please share it 🙂 Dog bones, the essential part of a quickdraw and gear climbers trust. But what if these bits of climbing kit could simply be …




  1. Not really a dangerous fall when you clip in and then immediately bail… Worth watching for the sheer majesty of that exploding garlic dog bone though!

  2. What if companies recycled the plastic by turning them into threads and using those. I want to see how strong that could be because if it works it could be useful

  3. This is the literal definition of stupidity. You never do live trial tests before lab test. All of these items/creations could have been tested in a control environment with no danger to anyone. But…i guess that’s how stupid people do.

  4. What's the song that starts at 3:40? Heard it months ago, it kept playing in my head but I never knew where I heard it, and now I hear it again. Help needed

  5. So in exchange for paying a bit more for it already made you waste tons of gas shooting around, assume people have vehicles(expensive enough) assuming people have those most likely expensive range of tools
    . Funny how people make it seem so cheap but don't mention the overall cost of everything.

  6. I honestly would have thot this video would be awesome tell I saw the stuff they where using than i was like yea this is a waste of time and just garbage and a stupid idea if it wasn't for him using the real stuff that is

  7. I am pretty sure, that plastic bottle can hold you if properly engineered to mitigate stress points (eg. rope cutting into the plastic). I would probably cut the plastic bottle into the thin strips and knit dogbone out of them…

  8. I'm glad you're on this one. Dog bones are super expensive. I mean, around here there a couple of dollars each.

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