The Dark Web | Declassified

In this episode of Declassified, we take a look at the notorious Dark Web and discover who uses it and for what reasons. Don’t forget to Subscribe for more …




  1. Lmao, just use vpn, bridges and turn off javascript and html. To top it off you can live boot tails. Just that will stop any law enforcement from tracking you.

  2. rape torture and murder of infants… the things i would do to those people that do that is unholy i would make them wish they never lived

  3. Why is it 'dangerous'? What's wrong with people wanting to share information without having to constantly worry about 'Big Brother' monitoring our every move? Yes it is abused by some but it also helps many more who live in countries without the freedoms we treasure. i hate the assumption that anything which can't be directly controlled by authorities must be inherently 'dangerous'. Dangerous to whom?

  4. Question-if torr and other programs are known to be access to the ddw how can they not be tracked when someone downloaded them??

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