The Daily Show – Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse – Conspiracy Theories Thrive at a Trump Rally

Jordan Klepper gets Donald Trump supporters to share their non-reality-based opinions about Hillary Clinton and President Obama. Watch full episodes of The …




  1. Go to the south and it's easy to find uninformed citizens willing to give their opinion. Sit ten Californian left wingers in front of a reasonably educated person who understands some basic facets of economics and governmental accounting and those liberals would look just as ridiculous as the handpicked mongoloids in this video. Jon Stewart's Daily Show was genuinely funny and informative. This dribble relies on cherry picking from the lowest branch. As a conservative I miss Jon Stewart.

  2. OK, OK. I've been strongly anti-Trump since his first lie (waay back when he was a toddler and his first full sentence was 'I wrote Romeo and Juliet, Its a great work, really great') but I'm willing to admit that the guy's got at least average intelligence. He got a million bucks and managed to turn it into 3.7 billion (not 10 billion like he says). Also, he's able to make millions of people believe his bullshit, which takes smarts and skill (trust me, I'm a pathological liar on non-political matters, and I'm damn well good at it), but do his supporters have to be so dumb? This isn't hitting against republican voters, this is hitting against Trump supporters, the inbreds who actually believe that Obama caused 9/11 (I'm pretty sure lying about 9/11 is a federal crime!), who believe that Clinton is a robot controlled by the illuminati, who believe that because she has a vagina, Hillary Clinton is less fit to be president than someone who's only experience in making tough decisions is whether he should fire Sharon or Russell (hint: its Sharon. Sharon's getting fired)! I laughed when Trump said he'd run for president, my next two years of studying Politics at college should be fun (btw trump supporters, college is like school, only you learn about important things, not how to brew moonshine and screw your sister). I cheered when he got the nomination, we'd go from one amazing president who just so happened to be black to another amazing president who just so happened to be a woman. I cried when Trump became president. I love America, I really do, but with shit like this, you might as well nominate Stonewall Jackson or a racist coffee mug to be leader of the FREE WORLD! So, I invite Trump supporters to troll me and try to denounce my claims with falsehoods or double standards, because I've done my reading in this field, something which I'm sure at least half of you are unable to do, considering the stats of how many uneducated americans voted for this dishonest pidgeotto. And before you call me a communist, I'm actually a liberal conservative,.
    Bring it on, trolls!

  3. Interviewer "Why do you think Barrak Obama was not in the Oval Office on 9/11?"
    Trump supporter "That I do not know. I would like to get to the bottom of that"

  4. Where was Obama during the American Revolution, American Civil War, and The Cold War? ???
    These Republican s need to get an education for themselves.

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