I saw this video and knew something wasn’t right. Also, I feel like Hyuna’s videos aren’t usually captioned. Was this done on purpose? SUBSCRIBE HERE: …




  1. I think its the Director cause he is the one who tells her how the MV would play out and he would just be the one smiling and starring

  2. Also: the white dress in the beginning might resemble purity, and the man she’s talking about it taking advantage of that

  3. I think something happened to her when she was younger if you know what i mean – like she portrays herself as innocent but someone kind of took that away because of something that might have happened

  4. my theory is that ever since she a
    was 15, she was forced into a relationship she really didnt want, and its probably illegal, seeing that when it gets underage she doesnt seem happy anymore. i think she is traumatised by this person, and cannot get him off of their mind since she thinks he could possibly come back for more damage to be done. thats probably why she disguised this song to sound normal, yet still a little messed up so somebody can realise that she's in trouble and she cant talk too much about it. idk, it sounds pretty believable if you ask me. like in the video, it isnt as innocent as it seems. just a theory though, its probably not true (id hope) but you never know.

  5. Thanks for making this, Gloom. With the Seungri/JJY scandal and Ja Jangyeon’s case reopening, I feel like we’re about to see the dark side of Korea’s entertainment industry.
    Not just kpop, but anyone that’s involved.
    I had similar vibes while watching her mv and someone’s comment led me here. So I’m feeling certain that she faced pressure from an executive or someone higher up who had a say in what she can and can’t do.

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