The Conspiracy Of Muhammad Ali’s Fixed Fight

Did Liston take a dive in this title fight? Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/66087 Welcome to the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network! This channel is your …




  1. Watch Cain Velasquez vs Frances Ngannou in UFC. Yeah he tweaked his knee but it was a solid shot that didnt look like it even laned. But Cain said it. He said you people keep saying the punch didnt land but trust me it was like a baseball bat to my chin. And this punch here looked 3 times more powerful than the Cain and Frances fight.

  2. He clipped him on the jaw as Liston was coming in. Ali was planted on the ground and his momentum was moving forward. Watch Stipe Miocic in UFC. He knocks guys out like that all the time.

  3. on the video, you can very clearly see Liston's head moving from the shock and see Ali's hand connect. even though it was a very close range punch and didn't look to do much damage, but jaw punches and punches near the eye can do a lot mentally to a fighter. liston fell from shock, no doubt, this theory is so weird to me lmao

  4. On footage punches don’t reflect how powerful they really were modern martial arts has a great breakdown in lot of Ali’s best fights which I thought the hits weren’t too bad but he breaks down the damage often the fighter during the hits

  5. Jimmy cannon is a clown it doesn’t matter how hard you get hit if you get a good hit on the jaw it shakes your brain. And u clearly see the punch land on listin his head gets knocked back

  6. It it was fixed, I wonder why they weren't able to make it look more real. Furthermore, it's difficult to tell how hard a hit really is, it you aren't at the receiving end.

  7. The way alis body jitters and the way his right shoulder moves before the left hook. i think he caught list on the right side of the jaw with a jab with the right before throwing the hook that missed that was called 'phantom punch'

  8. If your head shakes that hard, your brain will be concussed for shure.. And as a boxer, you know its not the hardest punch that knocks you out, its the punch you dont see coming.

  9. For anyone questioning the power of this hit… Ali was a master at fighting off of the back foot. Watch at 3:58 Ali was backpedaling, and just when Ali gauged Liston's lunging left jab was short, Ali reversed all of his momentum into Liston's full unbalanced momentum.
    You can see the moment it happens, Ali's right calf slingshots all of his power into the punch, not wasting any force by rotating his hips, torso, and shoulders into the shot. Ali was literally airborne (like a Gazelle Punch) when he connected at the perfect downward angle on the perfect spot on Liston's chin. Moreover, the punch was so fast (f=ma) not only did Liston not see it, not even the audience saw it live (hence "the phantom punch")
    It might be the most technically precise slip counters ever caught on camera… I think Liston wasn't necessarily "knocked out" per se, but definitely knew he was already beaten, and didn't have the pride (or lack thereof) to say 'No Mas' like Duran said to Sugar Ray. You can even see when the fight resumes, that is clearly psychologically beaten man, Liston was shook and/or scared

    P.S. if you don't know what a Gazelle punch is… it is why so many of right handed Mike Tyson's knockouts are left handed

  10. Look at mcgregor vs aldo. Even in slow motion, the punch that connected and knocked aldo out can be hard to miss if you're not analyzing it well. It's just the camera angle I'm sure.

  11. You can see his head get snapped by the hit and it was so fast… It was a good punch it's just whether it was good enough to end the fight

  12. lol its on the video Ali deflects sunnys left straight and counters with a right cross and nails him right in "the button" AKA the sweet spot on your jaw that is an instant knock out. this isnt a mystery leave the mans legacy alone.

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