The Coffee Conspiracy

Yes, you’ve heard that caffeine might have beneficial properties, but is that really true? Is coffee bad for you? More: https://yurielkaim.com/is-caffeine-bad-for-you/ …




  1. I drank 5 to 10 cups of coffee with sugar for 40 years everyday. Cut my coffee intake in half (5cups a day) about a year ago. Then switched to decaf 10 days ago. I am surprized it was pretty easy to quit.Withdrawl was very mild.Hoping to feel more energetic later after withdrawl is finished

  2. Dawg.. Black coffee has NO effect on insulin/blood sugar levels. As long as you stay hydrated, eat healthy and consume in moderation, coffee (or caffeine) is 100% fine and safe for you.

    Additionally, adrenal fatigue is a myth, there's no science to back it up. I believe what you're referring to to neuro-transmitter down-regulation.

  3. Yes y’all, looks like I’ll be cutting back on drinking brewed and instant coffee and tea, to approx. about 88% to 90%. Otherwise drinking a few cups of coffee a day equaling about 10% to 12%. When at first, before being intelligently informed, I was drinking hot coffee, literally, all day long!

  4. Wow, very well spoken video. Thank so much – I'll definitely be showing this to my mom! She is convinced coffee is great for you, but only reads articles where the author is totally biased on the subject.

  5. life is short drink your coffee if you love it…and just ignore people who don't like coffee and talk so much bad things…telling us as if they are the only one who knows enough about what's good and bad. My grandpa drunk coffee everyday in his whole life and he still die but he died at the age of 102 years old…It's about DNA …

  6. I drank 3-4 cups of coffee a day for many years. Two years ago I noticed that if I had a cup after lunch at work I would lose focus. I'd drop things constantly, slur my speech and stutter, my writing would be messy, and I'd have heart palpitations. The heart palpitations were nothing new, but you better believe the speech problems were. I started drinking decaf, but then I was diagnosed with hiatal hernia. I gave up coffee, alcohol, fried foods, and a myriad of other problematic foods. Now, if I have even just a little caffeine (say, a piece of dark chocolate) I get the same symptoms. Especially the speech problems. Quitting was difficult because I loved the taste and the ritual of it, but now my energy levels are steady and I feel healthier, happier and much more clear and focused.

  7. my bad bought a bag of coffee.I didn't have a habit of drinking coffee.these two weeks I drink coffee.everyday.I feel I dont sleep well and feel a little tired at the morning.and the sleeping quality become worse a little.this is my experience.I quit after I drink this bag of coffe over

  8. A study showed people that lived to be a 100 had one thing in common. They drank coffee. Stop eating cookies and candy and crap and give up the sugar and guess what? You will live longer. Black coffee and no sugar!

  9. Read about how coffee competes for adenosine receptors in the brain, you will never touch the stuff ever again. After years of struggling with brain fog and extreme fatigue, i did something simple, i stopped all caffeine. boom magic powers errupt and i no longer have any of those issues. I felt dumb for having ever tried it in the first place.

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