The BREXIT Conspiracy

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  1. everyone drank heavily back then. not just guy farage. any normal bloke likes a pint or two after a good days work. guy farage was higlt successful at his job.

  2. You have no idea what it was like to have about five people champion the Brexit cause vs all the media most the politicians. They wanted to remain.

  3. England isn't quite that bad… it's not kill or be killed. Maybe for 5%. The British do like to moan tho. But apart from that, I agree with you. Few people agree with me, but I'd say the queen masterminded Brexit. If you look on her website, she has a damn sight more power than she lets on. She's also a very intelligent wise woman… probably the only one at the top of government with any sense. although not very nice.

  4. I work on UK rivers we do dredging all the time plus if water flows to fast people down stream will flood it's a lose lose

  5. It was the Aliens who caused Brexit. I saw one the other day. It was burning an EU flag whilst having sex with a Sasquatch on a grassy knowle.
    Conspiracy theorists will all confirm this is true.

  6. All that about the dredging and how the EU somehow prevents this and indirectly causing the floods, it is more of that lame brexit propaganda. Breaking up the EU is more of a zionist striving. Can't have a too powerful bloc challenging empire. That's what ww2 was ultimately about and history is repeating..

  7. It was put to the people of the UK do you want to leave or stop and the majority who voted wanted to leave  As to Farrage he is not a member of the Mother of all Parliaments he is an MEP

  8. truthnevertold …..have you never heard the saying "it's better to keep your mouth shut …and let people think you're a fool ….than to open it and prove"!!

  9. Ba ha! Britain did not 'ride' Germany it was the other way round, Britain basically was supporting the EU, it was a crutch to support the EU ever since Britain was 'stupid' enough to join in '73! As for it been a fix, why in hell then have they not got on and signed article 50 already? If the powers that be wanted it to happen would not drag their feet like they are.

  10. the usa managed to screw up EU integrity by selling weapons to neighboring countries making armed conflicts, sponsoring the refugee wave

  11. Its called democracy and the people decided to embrace it again by coming out to vote so that they have more control over their future, making our politicians more accountable and hopefully putting the country first for once.

  12. What It did and what not,One thing is for sure,It has sparked extreme racism for sure.My friends are telling that,although I live in India

  13. I'm British and yes I voted out… Europe's debt and the countries that are in it some are bankrupt more country's are joining more bail outs… more debt is coming.. europe's unelected people tell so call democracies what to do democracies in name not in fact..

  14. So he's a commodities trader, he was always open about it. He also mentioned that he'd be going back to his job after this. You know, here's one politician who did what he said he would, and then didn't only profit from it after. He gave the Brits their country back, and their freedom. Could this very well be a real politician?? One of the few? Yet here you sit talking bad about his profession, and his family. What have you actually done lately? Talk? Yeah… grow balls and do what he's done, maybe you'll feel less like berating others' accomplishments?

  15. Conspiracy Theorists; I listened to them for a time till I realised they, as a general rule are full of more shit than the people they accuse of being full of shit. Watch out for the Archons!!! There's a lot of them in the EU army!!!!

  16. Sorry, but your analysis is bull. Austerity programme since 2008 crash has meant infrastructure projects have been massively underfunded, together with climate change denial tendency and simple trusting to luck, has meant protection for homes with higher than average flood risk is less. The costs of this protection is being put on residents directly rather than the government. The EU had nothing to do with it. Blame our lousy politicians who don't care.

  17. All the doom and disaster prophecies of these commentators are the same ones that kept the UK in the common market/EEC/EU and they all came about because of the UK membership of this regime.

  18. Why do Americans think they know about the EU
    The EU was what Hitler was going to bring around if he had gained control of Europe, it isn't a 4th Rike you spoon

  19. UKIP is "you sleep" Kip is slang for sleep. UKIP led by the ox-bridge tool Farage a friend of cameron, clegg, the jew marxist milliband etc. The plan all along was to bring the UK out of europe to skuttle it at sea ………watch and wait, its coming down the pipe

  20. SADLY, you dont have a fucking clue. rather talk about milking pregant women, maybe you will have more correct correct views on that……….

  21. This video lies.
    The Financial transaction tax was a idea to pay for the massive costs of propping up the Euro when lots had to be issued to prop up the Greek economy.
    About 78% of all transaction tax would have been paid by the British who said the Euro would not work and did not join. Most of the reminder would have been paid by the Germans, so no wonder the French were so keen on it.

  22. America is the master of rigging votes. The American government rigged the brexit votes to weaken the British economy. Once Britians go poor and can't afford to defend themselves, America will invade.

  23. nigel farage, i really wish he was running our country, a great straight talking man. hey,,,,, maybe donald trump could be his fag hag!

  24. I voted leave I wouldn't change it. I'd walk barefooted skint before I let globalist rule our country. Just have to watch out for snp starting the breakup of GB. I just hope my Scottish brothers and sisters see what's coming and stick with us

  25. Nigel was not a City of London banker. He was a metals trader, just like you. You say that any 'man of the people', who could positively reform the system, would be killed or compromised in some way. I agree. Nigel Farage has survived a car accident and a plane crash. Of course, that can be entirely coincident but all cylinders of the mainstream media engine were fired up against him. Agreeing with him was a great taboo. You were considered a racist, you were a xenophobe, you were uneducated and selfish bigot. Which is why the polls got the referendum result massively wrong, much like Trump. I don't think you've put too much thought into your analysis of Brexit. I don't think you know that much about the European Union either. Which is fine, it's complicated. But I do know about the European Union and I can tell you this. If you didn't like the USSR from a political and social perspective all you would have to do is change the EU flag from Blue to Red, confiscate all the guns and you would have exactly the same thing.

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