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Join Robin and Martin for Alltime Conspiracies’ brand new show: ‘The Conspiracy Files’. This week we’re looking at the mystery of the Black Knight Satellite to …




  1. 3:57 If the government thought these signals involved aliens do you think they would tell us? Oh yeah I think they would. Really? Reallllllly? They have many reasons not to tell us, or at least tell us last. Its a very widely held belief that the government knows about aliens but withholds that information from the public. All of their actions support that. Are you a Shill?

  2. If an alien landed, and livestreamed himself knocking on NASA HQ they'd still deny it and say it was space junk

  3. I was forgot to add "satellite" in search box when searching this. I thought it would be really black knight but the result is K-Drama, damn.

  4. I’m new to the whole Black Knight thing but the first clue that it’s rubbish that really stood out was that they claim its 13,000 years old. Surely if it has been studied intensely enough to determine its age we would actually know what it is instead of mad theories. It’s probably some random debris, our orbit is full of the stuff.

  5. Tesla: Was more than just a genius, I feel that he tapped into something within electrical energy, or understood more about electrical energy than any other human; his original test could be re-enacted to test for lde's and prove once and for all where they came from … the idea that anyone can tell the historical time line of an object in object is preposterous … in conclusion, why hasn't the U.S Russian's tried to capture, dock, or get close to the black knight?? seems logical to me … instead of speculating. It adds more rubbish to the waste pile

  6. I'm the first one on Earth who found alien life. And even more! I revealed the knowledge in a few videos. It is the key to understanding existence itself.

  7. STS-88 was launched on a equatorial orbit and this supposed satellite is supposedly on a polar orbit. A close rendezvous between these two orbits is not only extremely rare, but a rendezvous long enough to take multiple pictures between these two orbits is not physically possible. So, the final point is now completely invalid. Orbital mechanics FTW

  8. Who says blacknight needs to be alien?? If you believe that there were advanced civilisations before us could it have come from them to show anyone who survived a near extinction event where they went 13,000 years ago?
    Just asking

  9. “Maybe it isn’t NASA’s decision to make.”
    You’re right, it isn’t. If nasa is extremely certain something is alien life it’s the government’s call.

  10. If it was a thermal blanket, wouldn't gravity pull it into the Earth's atmosphere?

    Also, could you please spend more time showing facts and explaining the evidence? Too much time was spent discussing amongst yourselves, though y'all are pleasant to listen to even when your talking points are absurd.

  11. Except Tesla also tried to discredit Special Relativity and General Relativity both of which have been heavily supported by observation and experimentation… Appeal to authority is a pretty shallow fallacy on your guys' part.

  12. Not sure how the black night satellite is linked to Tesla detecting these long delay echos, from what I can gather it's the same signal transmitted out by the radio being reflected back. How's that being interpereted as an alien signal being received prescisely? Lol also when Tesla first discovered the phenomena the "black night satellite" wasn't even known about. Another thing, the pictures of the black night satellite… There are several in existance where it has multiple orientations as if it's tumbling through space… What use would that be as a satellite? It's tumbling out of control you need it to be in a stable orbit and orientation to be of any use whatsoever surely?

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