OPEN ME!!! Okay so I know I’m only two videos into my “Conspiracy Theorsday” series on my channel but I’m kind of happy I’ve got them both out on time …




  1. If anyone likes this definitely check out the podcast Hollywood and Crime. Its about the black dalhia and the other serial killings within the time. Its a really good listen.

  2. There are some great circumstantial evidence about Hodel, and I would believe it even more if hes son Steve, who wrote the book about him being the killer, didnt try to link George Hodel also with lipstick murders, Zodiac and Jigsaw murders in Philippines.

  3. I just saw a bunch of thumbnails for your videos next to each other and I noticed that you have a very constant, almost identical, face of shock in your video thumbnails. for some reason i find this entertaining.

  4. I heard Elizabeth Short's murderer may have been Jack the Ripper from the famous prostitution murder spree in London in 1888 no one knows how old he or she was and could've laid low and came to the United States and lived up to 1947 and chose Miss. Short as his or her last victim. A theory I once heard. It makes a lot of sense and has a great possibility to be true. Creepy there are people who enjoy that…

  5. Great video! You're pronouncing the name 'Hodel' wrong though. No biggie, just pointing it out. I might just sub your channel.

  6. adding wood to the pile, it could have been someone who took her out to dinner, and expected a lot more than she was willing to give, and that person done did that to her. the surgeon, probly. he looks like the desperate, whiney cur, that couldn't get any if he paid a prostitute all the money in the world. she probly laffed at him, and that set him off.

  7. Do the mysterious death of Edgar Allen Poe. i know its been done but from you id like to see it done c: its pretty interesting.

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