THE BIGGEST NBA Draft Conspiracies OF ALL TIME!! – Patrick Ewing! Derrick Rose! LeBron James??

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  1. Anthony Davis was rigged too.. CP3 left and NOH was in administration.. NBA needed a buyer… and what a coincidence.. NOH got pick #1 and drafted Anthony Davis

  2. Mutombo didn't make us realize that the lottery is rigged, he just knew the results before the lottery show. The actual lottery is way before the show.

  3. The scenario with Shaq. Why would they let Vancouver fail, the whole idea of the expansion franchise failing and relocating, doesnt make much sense

  4. The first reason makes no sense they draw the bingo balls in advance and probably told mutombo as he is a legend and he accidentally leaked the info early

  5. That's the nature of random. stuff like the magic and the bulls is bound to happen eventually. Eventually a team will get the first pick 10 years in row. It's unlikely, but it's possible

  6. The first rounders should go by voting every 2 years, so it would not matter too much what pick you ends up cause a lot of good players should be there.

    Its hard to have like 10 prospects that will turn into good players every year.

  7. People were really questioning if the NBA was rigged because the Sixers got the number one pick the year we went 10-72 are people being serious 😥

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