1. Everything that is living dies and turns into a greasy like substance that leaches down into pools underground,it is constantly replinishing .

  2. This is a ridicules claim, endless amount of oil? Then why are they going into deep water, shale or Canadian sands? These are are expensive and hard to make a profit.

  3. On one hand they supressed free and clean energy by Nikola Tesla, Stan Meyer and others, and on the other they gouge us when we need to use the energy. Shame on them!

  4. It's ironic that some of the biggest oil companies own the rights to battery technology like lithium that will end up driving our electric cars of the future.

  5. Of course there is unlimited oil as long as we grow trees and keep on chopping them down we can turn them into charcoal by burning them then we can turn a charcoal into oil and big oil companies wouldn't want anyone to do that because there wouldn't be any profit hehehehe

  6. Problem is that the equipment they use is horribly expensive, the laborers who preform tasks are highly trained and make slightly more than a regular job, subject to unannounced layoffs and wage cuts after the fact, people in charge of day laborers make about an average upper level executive wage, and the glass floor is impossible to move through because it is controlled by one of three families in the US and your last name isn't the same as there's. So all this aside, the cooperations don't have much money because it's spent on expensive equipment, high wages, and paying off land owners, politicians, and government agencies, and funneled to the top to the three families that control the whole affair. So if you decide to work for big oil it's a good job you will do better than average but your never going to be insanely rich. Notice that all the insanely rich people are old money it's in the family, computer gurus, and financial geniuses on the news, would be better off doing that.

  7. Of course it's rigged. But, the fact is peak oil worldwide was 2012 and every pound of oil is 2.75 to 3.25 pounds of CO2. Oil needs to stay in the ground

  8. "The Big Oil Lie" you mean lies. The biggest is that we use 1/3 of our oil to make fertilizer for food, no fertilizer, no food. I own a farm and am still trying to gain topsoil without fertilizer, oops, back to oil. Lie #2 is that of explaining the grades of oil. Our refiners only work with certain grades of oil and to change the grade, you must refit the entire refinery, oops again, just ran out of that grade. Now we have peek oil, and now we don't. Lie #3 is quantity. In 1985 government agents came into the physics department at ASU-NC and asked us to calculate when we were going to run out of the burnable gas (at the time 90% of the crude was called green gas, it wouldn't burn without additives). We came up with 1999 and 2000. At standard rates of consumption I further calculated that we will run out of sufficient quantity to maintain our present life-stile in the year 2045 to 2050. At a Honda dealership, I was told that (year 2019) Regular unleaded was about 4% ethanol, which would put us running out closer to 2060 to 2070. No matter what the end date is, it also means the world must use coal to make fertilizer, hoping the electric cars slow down the process.

  9. The first "oil shortage" was claimed in 1914!! Then "oil shortage" was claimed every subsequent 10 year period thereafter until the Rockefuckers got OPEC to turn off the oil spigot in 1973 which scared Americans with miles-long lines waiting for a tank of gas. The price of a gallon of gas in '73 was 25 cents which escalated to $1.08 by 1980. 1973 was when the big oil corporations got the American populus to finally fall for the shortage scam. Anyone remember the BIG BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? So much oil was spewing out at such a high pressure that BP couldn't even cap it and the spill polluted the entire Gulf of Mexico and that is just one offshore rig! Damn right WE ARE BEING RIPPED OFF!!

  10. Funny that everyone that is against the USA some day gets called pedophile… addicted to narcotics… or a crazy dictator with nuclear weapons… But no way this is strange to any body…

  11. Oil industry is the biggest liars on the planet. They control the world. Why they push natural gas as a great solution to oil. They made the holes for natural gas getting oil..played around with natural gas realize they can use it as greener solution to burn off. We have flares burning it off cause we can't store it yet. It's not the main focus currently oil still is …but my response to if natural gas is the solution then why does mobile have commercials about using algie

  12. But why aren't you complaining about global warming anymore? Oh wait – world temperatures are going down now? SHIT! Climate change due to Big Oil is gonna cause a catastrophic ice age!

  13. You should see the reserves here in Australia it's Saudi Arabia big. Estimated 233 billion barrels of oil that's still untapped. And then off the north west shelf of Western Australia. There's so much untapped resources and uncharted land on and around in the oceans of Australia.

  14. We'll always need oil in someway for at least the next 100 years for plastics and other processes of manufacturing. Especially if space travel and electric cars go ahead. The same goes for coal, gas and iron ore etc. The price of lithium on the stock market will also most likely go up ten fold. Although it's always going to be hard to predict the future, as there's always geniuses out there inventing new ways to better our lives and to make life easier and cleaner.

  15. Wait oil prices increased after the Great Recession because of sky rocketing demand and crashed in 2014 because of over supply now know as the 2010s oil glut. This is all supply and demand oil will have profitable periods and some times be priced really low, the price is currently around 50 dollars after crashing in 2018 but will sky rocket once again in 2020 or 2021 after the inevitable economic slowdown subsides and demand kick starts.

  16. I live here in southeast New Mexico, in the Permian Basin. There is more oil here per acre than anywhere else in the country, maybe even the world. The oil here is considered sour crude, which means that the price per barrel is significantly underpriced. The state of New Mexico taxes every bbl as though it’s sweet crude. Meanwhile, every industry supplier massively inflates the price of every piece of equipment used. I’m saying 1000% markups are standard. If it’s safety related, especially OSHA mandated, you can expect to only rent the equipment at a daily price exceeding the actual retail price. So, you get bigwigs making a shitload of money for doing as little as possible. Just making sure the proper palms are greased (it’s surprising how swiftly elected Democrats play ball) resulting in the people on site everyday making $10 an hour maybe. Sure, they work 14 hours a day 7 days a week, so they’re bringing home $1500 a week but for the individual doing that, it takes it’s toll. Even so, after all the damn beaurocracy, and kickbacks, the good ‘ol boys making sure their lazy, stupid offspring are next in line for a cushy unneeded position, Big oil probably nets $0.35-$0.50 a barrel. That’s the fucking truth too. They HAVE to produce millions of barrels a day to turn a profit. New Mexico just imposed or are about to impose a 25% tax per barrel on all new wells. That’s up from an already crippling 20%. And these fucking idiot democrats in Santa Fe are about to kill the industry here by banning fracking. I don’t know about you, but when 95% of the states budget comes from one industry, you feed it, not beat it to death with rocks. But go ahead and keep the blinds on. Apparently what matters is what big brother tell you matters. Of course they can never tell you that we’ll NEVER run out of oil. It would no longer be a commodity, governments would collapse, along with the global economy, and the people just might get a chance to actually take the power back, but as history proves time and again, it will be short-lived, as power, ultimately corrupts. Lol. God Bless, and have a beautiful day.

  17. Oil is the earth's blood and shares many qualities with blood. It has living organisms and coagulates just like blood. You can look this up. Oil is also abiotic, which means Earth (a living breathing organism) makes it naturally. The old fossil fuel/dinosaur remains bs was hatched up by Rockefeller back in the day so as to make it sound scarce. Profit is derived from scarcity, not abundance – a sad fact. It is also stated in scripture that we should not use too much of 'her' blood. For good reasons. Sucking too much oil out of the ground/sea leaves large hollow cavities which can result in all kinds of other disasters. I personally believe landslides and tsunamis (caused by underwater landslides) could be due to this . If the oil interests had not repeatedly suppressed technology that could have replaced oil, we would've been done burning oil caveman style many decades ago. Unfortunately, a select group of people had to get very very wealthy first before they would let go..

  18. Great article. I agree with most of it. I heard one time there is over 4 trillion barrels of oil in proven reserves to the combine d OPEC nations.

  19. Crude Oil Demand in 2000 was 75 million BPD. In 2017 it was 97 million BPD. Supply for those time periods was 78 million and 95 million BPD. The surplus of oil production closed from +2 million to -2 million in that time. That is why the price rose.

  20. The earth constantly replenishes its oil. It is like the blood of Earth.
    Same with water.
    But the greed and deception of man knows no bounds.

  21. how is this suprise is beyond me.. must be really dumb to not realise this.. big companies are scamming consumers to extort money.. it's been going on since the dawn of time when industrial sector first appeared.

    good morning Earth.. we all get scammed every day by couple rotten apple's in our bunch. No Matter its food fuel or electronics we all pay 8x more than we should, why? Because we let them to!

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