The Best Conspiracy Theories that were 100% True!!

Many people are against conspiracy theorists, but many conspiracies are true. Here are 7 conspiracies that were absolutely true and could change your mind …




  1. Didn't ever think of the diamond conspiracy other than "conflict diamonds." Didn't realize the whole idea of diamond engagement rings was sold on us as well.

  2. The words conspiracy theorist was made up to make the people telling the truth look like nut jobs in order to keep it under wraps.We know they are funding them because it's coming from the horses mouth.When they admit it and the public doesn't see it that should tell us that their is something wrong with our reality and people are sleeping in their own little bubble world.Please don't pop their bubble they don't want to wake up their in their own little fantasy world believing in the belief system that has been spelled upon them since birth.Great video brother.

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