OPEN ME!!! Hey guys, so I know this video was supposed to be uploaded like 450 eons ago but homegirl was literally dying of the Bubonic Plague (the doctor …




  1. my physiology teacher was obsessed about that so he literally wrote a book about it named "The Walrus Was Paul: The Great Beatle Death Clues" We learned about it at the beginning of the year and it was pretty great.

  2. WAIT HOLD UP. If Shirley Temple is on the album cover, and everyone (aside from the Beatles at that time) were dead… Doesn't this prove the Mandela effect where people remeber her dying young? When in fact she died in 2014. Just a thought….

  3. Please tell me that wasn't an attempt at a Scouse accent.

    Even though I've heard these conspiracies many times, I still found this to be a very interesting video.

  4. (Polite) Gabulosis I've watched a couple of your videos and this is the first. You managed to get a lot of different info in a short amount of time. There was one UK Sky (cable equivalent incase you don't know) channel that got a lot of information in an hour (one I Rembered about Jack The Ripper) Your exactly the same. It'll probably take most TV company's a few episodes to tell all the info in your video ☺?.

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