The 25 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

Have you ever wondered about some of the most popular conspiracy theories? As crazy as these conspiracies may sound, there are people out there who …




  1. My great-grandfather was a free mason. He passed away 2 weeks ago and I just went to his funeral. Some of his old colleagues showed up. They all looked like the same man and spoke like robots. Scary shit.

  2. everybody needs to wake up ! look in the skies people.. look at the shit thats being sprayed in us. all sorts of bad shit, one being Aluminum Zirconium.. look on all the deoderants at the store.. most have Aluminum zirconium.. look where it says "purpose".. its left blank.
    the flouride thing is serious too, it calciumizes our Pineal Glands. Hitler started the flouride to make the population more sheep like and dull. its proven. none of these are conspiracies. flouride comes naturally in the world in very small amounts but the amounts of flouride in the water is HARMFUL. way intense compared to how much flouride is in the earth naturally.

  3. I have better things to do them make up fairlytales like make high six digit pay 500,000 USD to be precise and as a surgeon if any of you idiots need surgery I would probably purposely mess up the surgery and say something happened lol jk bout the last part as long as I'm paid I'll do your sugary lol

  4. "Conspiracies"? Global Warming and McCarthyism are hardcore facts, what is wrong with you? Also, wars for oil and JFK may not be hardcore facts, but I think we've pretty much established the truth behind them. It's also proven fact the Bush administration had some knowledge of the 9/11 attack before it happened.

  5. lol, you mix loony theories with a handful of real possibilities list 25, even a couple of facts, as if they were a "wash" and all equally nuts. Your inability to distinguish the two is unsurprising and you reveal your ignorance in your explanations showing no grasp of certain issues, like you just googled them or something. That level of insight offers us nothing I'm afraid.

  6. It is 2016, number 12 is fact. If people choose not to beleive elite scientists telling them this is scientific fact well then I don't know what the heck else ti say ta um cuz I doubt anything would stick.

  7. There is a 5 sigma confirmation of Global Warming, Man-Made climate change through means of green house gasses. This is not open for debate by science. There is a consensus among scientists like myself that we absolutely know what is happening. We know that the cycle of earths changes and glaciation due to core samples. Wherever you got your info(Fox News) is a bad source, I suggest you contact scientists about scientific fact prior to dispelling disinformation to your viewers.

  8. Beginning at 4:26 and going through 5:00, this video claims that two valid beliefs are just "conspiracy theories." By mixing in two valid beliefs with obviously off-the-wall conspiracy theories, the video calls into question that the US invasion of the Middle East was motivated by a desire to control the region's oil resources and more troubling, that there is no consensus as to what actually causes global warming (climate change). When 97% of all scientists agree that climate change is caused by human activity, mostly the use of foster fuels, there is indeed a consensus. There is no mystery. The fact that both of the "conspiracy theories" supposedly exposed in this video after 4:26 defend oil companies by making their critics look crazy makes me wonder who funded this video and for what purpose. That's not conspiracy theory thinking; that's healthy skepticism based on critical media analysis skills.

  9. This is an extremely biased video. Whether you agree with the conspiracies or not, calling the people who believe in them paranoid over and over is an asshole move. Do some research. They're not all that far fetched.

  10. this guys talks like its all bull shit.. lol.. good little sheep u r.. or r u a wolf in sheeps clothing.. more likely…. or just just dumb as white dried dog shit..

  11. most conspiracy theories seem to start because people are to stupid to learn the real way things happen in the world, I'm not saying shady things don't happen but, sometimes people are to stubborn to do their own research and just believe everything is a conspiracy

  12. the paul mccartney thing is because ringo starr had said paul died in 1966 from a car crash and if you play some beatles songs backwards you can hear things like paul is dead i killed him i buried him in the yard ect.. although john lennon denied it and said he was asking for cranberry sauce

  13. I believe Jesus was invented by Kleopatra at the bases of old egyptian Hor to spread theocracy to Europe, and that is why Ceasear married her. He needed to know how Egyptian noblity were sheep making, being about million times more successful then european emperors. Note gnostic mentions of Jesus come from Egypt, his life is photocopy of that of Hor of Egypt, and he never seems to have existed, taking into account zero evidence whatsoever anywhere, except for Bible (contradicting math, biology, chemistry, astrolnomy, physics and history atop of that). I also believe that only already infected blacks were shipped to Americas not as a no-work-experience no-education not-a-word-understanding labor non-force, but rather as means to infect and exterimnate the indeginous populations, which is precisely what happenned. It explains why terminally sick weren't tossed to the sharks but were left on board and RELEASED upon their arrival to Americas. FIY, the price of one non-working non-speaking black slave was about the same as price of luxurious villa in a major european city while the price of sunrise to sunset working white peasants speaking language and posessing relevant work experience was virtually zero. Go figure.

  14. When he brought up wars for oil I started to think the definition of conspiracy theory wasn't well understood here. Then he put global warming on the list. Sorry, dude. There is no conspiracy there, it's a real thing. Chemtrails are what crazy people believe in, climate change is science.

  15. Er….good list content but why does THIS list open with kids cheering "YAY!" when this seems out of place for this dark list? Just wondering. I know lots of channels have an opening song or whatever but yeah, seems a bit odd.

  16. Wake up people, look at the history and its repetitiveness of constant propaganda. The governments will never share more information with the public than it needs to in order to make us more useful slaves. Believing in the main stream news is based on faith just as much as some of those "crazy conspiracy theories" which you present and dismiss here in this video.

  17. 14 is true, Thomas Edison was the guy behind of things that broke easly just to make much more money, there the greedy people started to evolve

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