The 10 CRAZIEST NFL Conspiracy Theories of All-Time

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  1. I'd like to throw in an honorable mention. There was one conspiracy floating around in the late 90s that Neil O'Donnell was paid to throw Super Bowl XXX. O'Donnell certainly wasn't one of the best QBs by all means, but he was a decent game manager who actually had the lowest percentage of interceptions per pass attempt in NFL history. Yet, in Super Bowl XXX against the Cowboys, he threw a lame-duck INT directly to Larry Brown of the Cowboys. Not once, but TWICE. The second time, the Steelers were driving for a potential game-tying score. Both times, there wasn't a Steelers receiver within at least 10 yards of where he threw it…just Larry Brown casually standing in a wide open field for an easy pick. Brown actually won SB MVP for his two interceptions, signed a huge contract with the Raiders in the offseason, then…that was it. You never heard Larry Brown's name again.

  2. Media leading us to believe that Goddell and the Patriots have a fractured relationshiop. All smoke and mirrors. Suspension planned out for Brady, schedule pending then aligning it to ensure Pats get a playoff berth.

  3. I hate how everyone is going around saying the NFL is"scripted" or "rigged". The truth is it's not. It's true, officials make bad calls, but they make equally bad calls against both teams. And it's easy to watch game tape and point out a small inconsistency but they do everything possible to make games fair and protect the players from injury. And saying the superbowl is rigged makes me want to slap you in the face because you clearly don't understand what it means to the players, coaching staff and real fans. Players have worked their whole lives for one game just to throw it away? No, just no. The NFL has so much young talent and veterans making insane plays and becoming stars in front of our eyes, why can't we just enjoy it for what it is, football.

  4. I dont get the joe namath conspiracy….he says people put money up…even the mob for joe to throw the game but he won??

  5. I honestly feel that super bowl 50 may have been fixed, they made peyton win on purpose so that he could retire in a good way and not lose like he should've because all season long he played like trash. Or maybe the panthers just choked idk lol

  6. So why wasn't the redskins 35 point 2nd quarter on this list. You could easily make the case that Denver's defense threw the game.

  7. Saints winning the Super Bowl after Katrina. Instead of the government paying out all the money for recovery; why not have the home team win it and have tourism help the recovery.

  8. Honestly, a team that has only 1 or 2 wins theoughout the season can't possiibly have any other excuse except they are just terrible lol. And what he said about games being fixed by gamblers and such, Its not too far fetched to believe some gangsters or even the mob, would threaten a player or the players family to force the outcome of the game in their favor.

  9. Two things here are true here.  Football and Basketball teams tank on purpose to improve their draft stock.  That isn't even a secret.  The Sac Kings just did that by trading Cousins, figuring they'd plumment from maybe 8 seed to lottery pick without him, and scoring extra picks in the trade.  That's actually considered good management by many, not a conspiracy.  The other is the Strahan sack.  Him and Favre openly joked about that play afterwards.  It was considered schoolyard fun in a game that had already been decided.

  10. I wouldn't call these "conspiracy theories". They might technically be conspiracies, but it's not what most people mean when they say "conspiracy theory." These are (mostly) things that are somewhat possible.

  11. I'll give you an example of an actual crazy NFL conspiracy theory. I once had a substitute history teacher who claimed that in the '99 NFC championship game, the vikings lost on purpose because the NFL didn't want to see a black quarterback in the superbowl. He didn't claim the NFL was scripted (another crazy conspiracy theory), just this one game in particular. In order to believe this, you have to think that two nfl teams, who usually compete fairly and legitimately, are both going to rehearse a championship game, that no one anywhere is going to notice and provide evidence, that everyone involved on both teams is going to remain silent, that all the black players are either ok with this, paid off, or threatened into co-operation, and that the NFL in 1999 were so afraid of a black QB in the superbowl that they were willing to risk their entire credibility and likely legal action and massive protests on an extremly complex and risky operation that had never been attempted before with tons of possible leaks and loose ends, AND that they had absolutely no problem with the same thing in 1987 when a black quarterback not only played in but won the superbowl.

    That is a proper "crazy conspiracy theory."

  12. Number 4 wasnt a conspiracy because "that wouldnt be nice". Oh ok its not a conspiracy then. Marshawn is the most disliked unmarketable player in the NFL. Of course they arent gonna let him be MVP. Case closed

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