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Happy Halloween!! This week, Robin and Alex look into the plausibility of several suspect and horrifying Ghost Sightings!! Don’t forget to Subscribe for more …




  1. Oh I wish you'd showed the pathetic attempts when Most Haunted visited Pontefract. They tried to pull of Carl being pulled backwards up the stairs on a live show on Halloween. If Stewart hadn't bungled the rope around Carl's chest !!

  2. That's what I've been saying for years.. When people say something like "we saw the ghost of a Union Soldier in uniform.." I just think, interesting, so the spirit(s) of his uniform jacket and pants just float around with him..?

  3. your western culture only defy afterlife live and your titters and reasoning is for justify there is not afterlife

  4. Hell YES Investigate n Ur My Fav Channel and Presenters for past 4 years. Ur great n happy Halloween to Everyone involved ur channel and to all people in coments n viewersx

  5. me and my freinds went to this church and saw some really ghost like things up stair about a year later they closed the upstairs room

  6. I would love to tell Alltime one of my ghost stories. I've looked at it from every logical way I could and think this could be a plausible ghost sighting, or a really strong hallucination (which I doubt since I don't do any drugs and especially when I was a kid lol)

  7. A ghost wanted to look at my butt hole I said no and called the fucking police. Everything is OK now I smeared my booty hole with black stuff so the ghost don't wanna look at a black ass.

  8. That ghost footage is fake, clearly that is the cheap and lazy effect of multiply filters in a video editing software. The movement, the shrinkage, the angle change from lying down to upright, are all too artificial and mechanical to be realistic if ghost really exists. Its head has no movement, once the image is move upright, and it just moves to upper righter without any body movement.

  9. I've had my own experiences with the paranormal and for the most part I do believe there's more going on than what's capable for human understanding, but I'm also open to skepticism in my own experiences. I've seen a transparent figure moving around 3 times, saw moving shadows a few other times when I was then only person present, I've witnessed something banging on my closet door from the inside once and there was nobody in there or nothing logical to cause it, I recorded a voice on my phone a while back in the static which is the only proof I have. Although I understand not everyone could even trust what I'm saying to be true either lol I just know of my own experiences and it will all remain inconclusive. On top of that I've seen a ufo but that's besides the point aha maybe I'm just crazy

  10. umm ok so about mid August of this year I had a scary vivid nightmare and I could intensely feel it as if it were real. then I woke up and tried to go back to sleep but as soon as I closed my eyes I saw a floating black robed figure. then watching this month's later is actually scaring me. especially at @0:50

  11. As for the first two, yeah , I don't believe them to much. I honestly don't trust the ghost guys on TV shows, As for the last one, so much about old photography back then is iffy. I do agree that the second one was a fake, my mom used to do a lot with old and new photos, It was like her job.

  12. The scariest and spookiest part of this video is dude on the left's face and voice are such a weird creepy mismatch. He has the pedophile face with the creepy movie voice! Sheesh. He was better off just narrating doing the audio. The visual is straight up wtf. Imo. Thumbs up 4 dude looking like a weirdo. 😁😉😎🤔😝😯🤐😒

  13. Victorians loved photo manipulation though.. especially anything ghosty or horror like. There's lots of photos of "headless" Victorians where a friend or family member is holding the head.

  14. I know I'm 4 months late to the party (binge-watching, sorry!) but whilst I've never seen a ghost, a number of weird things have happened that I just can't explain. One I remember very clearly was a (rather heavy) box of jewellery on a low shelf in the kitchen. I didn't know it was there at the time, as it turned out to be a gift from my father. As I was sat at the dining room table on my laptop, a good 10-15 feet from the aforementioned box, it threw itself off the shelf hard enough to break open and spill the jewellery onto the carpet. It made such a racket that my parents, the other side of the wall, were in the room before I could stand up. The door was closed and we had no pets.

    I was blamed for being clumsy and/or trying to sneak a look at my presents early.

  15. You should change the ad title for this video, when t appears on the side of the playing videos it says 10 ghosts…but you only do 3….

  16. Should have shown that clip at Eastern State Pen by Ghost Hunters. You know the one.

    Also #3: also making it more believable is that if that's the result of someone physically walking in and sitting during a long exposure, you'd get at least a couple of distortions throughout the photo from where a person has walked in and out. How do you think those long exposures of star trails work? https://www.photographymad.com/files/images/star-trails.jpg They capture movement. Plus why wouldn't it capture the bottom half of the person? I think it's a perfectly legitimate example. I think it really is him.
    Oh and another: manners would have dictated that no one sit in the favourite chair of a recently dead man, especially in those times. It would be impolite. Manners were a massive deal especially in wealthy families. So I think it unlikely that some guy would just waltz in and sit in that chair.

  17. Just a fun fact: manipulation was VERY common, even in the beginning of the photographic medium. Look up spirit photography! Studios also painted their negatives to improve the subjects' looks and strapped them into rigid holders to control how they sat. Photoshop isn't all you can do to change photos 😊

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