TEKKEN 7’s Director Harada tweets about DLC Leaks, fake news and conspiracy theories within Bamco…

Live streams coming back this month. Stay tuned y’all. Director Katsuhiro Harada tweets info about DLC news, leaks, rumors, and says that Bandai Namco …




  1. My dude Harada seems annoyed as hell lol also Bruh they got the first season pass on sale for $10 on PS4 rn that’s how much it should’ve been priced at tbh lol and i wonder of Harada and Ono will end up giving us another Capcom character but I do agree that it was unnecessary to bring Ono into it Harada needs to chill tho he my dude Kurds to learn how to control his temper I definitely feel like something is up tho

  2. Is Harada trying to reveal Bandai Namco’s agenda? Tell me! BTW Live Streams coming back this month. For more follow my IG @tekkenfreakboy7

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