TCT 016: Critical Thinking About Conspiracies (Part 1)

http://www.criticalthinkeracademy.com/2011/critical-thinking-about-conspiracies-part-1/ On this episode of The Critical Thinker Podcast we begin a series on …




  1. Oh, you have failed to provide any facts or evidence to support your claim that " Your comprehension is so poor you seem to not realize he's not debating specific conspiracies…", I'm sure this was just an oversight, I'm eager for your reply.
    Much love to all

  2. Exactly what do you consider "shocking" with regards to my comprehension? How exactly am I bias, please provide examples. I am taxed for time these days but I will make it a priority to, in the next few weeks, present my case, point by point, along with the timeline of each of the 3 parts to this video, the claims and assumptions being made without factual evidence provided. We can go point by point and debate this series, it would be great trivium practice for me, how about it, are you in?

  3. And you have failed to provide any facts regarding your claims of Kevin's bias and claims.

    Considering you made the initial claims, I feel the burden is on you to provide "facts" to back these claims.

  4. Fair enough, as I posted earlier, I am working on a comprehensive breakdown of this video, pointing out each problem I have by name and by the time it is found in the video. I hope to post this next week for your consideration. Peace and love to all 🙂

  5. Good luck with that !

    Kevin was more than fair in this video regarding conspiracy kooks like you.

    I can't wait to hear what you have to say considering you're trying to debunk a well educated man with a PhD Philosophy and a science undergrad degree in physics. Also the department chair at Iowa State.

    I wish not to use argumentum ad verecundiam but in this case it's relevant.

    I can't wait to hear your cognitive biases and flawed logic laid bare.

    tinyurl com/ludicthinking

  6. A fallacy is just that, a fallacy. It would NOT be a fallacy if you would provide supportive evidence to your claim that "Kevin is expert at the topic at hand" which, other than pointing out that he completed Prussian indoctrination to obtain some type of certification through that body as evidence of his expertise. I reject your argumentum ad verecundiam, i.e. making an appeal to authority as to why I should blindly accept his word and not question the god "KEVIN". Thx, much love to you & all:)

  7. I have never claimed to be an expert at anything except to offer my unconditional love to my fellow equals. I am, however, a lover of wisdom and an autodidact. I do not claim to be smarter than anyone but will point out inconsistencies, contradictions and fallacious arguments when I encounter them, as I am doing with this three part series. Again, much love to you and to all 🙂

  8. When one wishes to learn they seek a mentor/expert and in this case Kevin is expert.

    You wish to learn basic logic then he's your man.

    If you wish to learn more complex aspects


    If Dr. Jason is to much for you then checkout Dr. Gregory B. Sadler


    And if you wish to hear some great lectures…

    youtube com/user/chrisltft

    Do you know what a truth table is ? Are you familiar with predicate logic ? How about propositional calculus ?

  9. Thanks again for these appeals to authority, your hero worship is noted. If I were to blindly accept these appeals that you present me I would not have entered into this very interesting debate with you. I will have my piece up in a week from now, we can go point by point, feel free to use truth tables, predicate logic or whatever you like, I just use my brain. Much love to all 🙂

  10. I think you need to watch my critical thinking playlist.

    tinyurl com/ludicthinking

    You need to watch at least 30 of those videos just to receive a primer on the topic.

  11. 9:45 so far. I think Kevin has done a good job at being balanced and not contradicting his own points. We all have a default skeptism. Mine is now to distrust the media and treat anything they say as an extreme claim that they need to prove to me. Most peoples default position is to trust the media and treat any claim that they are lying with skeptism.

  12. its ok, this guy is trying to play down the nwo theory, but hwen you see the builderburgs and the openly admitted nwo plan, us conspiracy theorist deserve respect. And it nowt always what they put in music but what they censor, like john lennons songs against war. totally forbidden, when they had just used the tonkin hoax that lead to 58,000 deaths

  13. LudicFallacies
    Subject: Date:12/03/2013
    Message:I'm curious…
    Where is that video you claimed you'd make debunking what Kevin has to say ?
    Have you bothered to take the courses/lectures on his website ?
    Have you bothered to watch my critical thinking playlist ?
    Have you realized yet that you were duped into believing a bunch of horseshit ?

  14. I'm not making a video, I'm doing a detailed examination the videos in the "conspiracy" series of videos. It is taking longer than expected as I'm busy with other things but rest assured that I have not forgotten about this and will have it up asap. I have, among other things, looked at your play but have yet to see where I've been duped by anything, including you or Kevin. Thanks for your interest though, I will make an effort to finish up the first video evaluation. Peace and Love to all!!!!

  15. Well again this can embroil people into thinking government and commercial groups do not indulge in conspiracies, conspiracies by big government have been ongoing for thousands of years, so don’t be fooled by this looking for stuff to connect garbage. I can sight thousands of recent conspiracies which are beyond question as being conspiracies, check out the LIBOR scandal, the USA mortgage collapse 2007/2008 proven conspiracies, 9/11, massive evidence, and cover-ups gone on there!

  16. following on:
    the lists go on and on, Skewed TV news reporting ( not giving a fair and balanced view) proven this goes on, busted! WHY, because they are owned and connected to those who want things to be kept secret, from the public, they have hidden agendas, conspiracies. Don’t be fooled by this crap!

  17. Conspiracy, big government, Check George Bush, and many other presidents and leading Politian’s, and multinational companies who are on record mention the NEW WORDL ORDER, NOW, global government, these are conspiracy theories which are if searched conspiracy FACTS!

  18. Your starting your whole premise on the bases of there the reported information being a forgone fact. Now if you wish to develop, it’s a reductionist spiral. It’s like a court, look at a whole set of facts, in a case, the guy has motive, connection, DNA, connection, gun in hand, ballistics connection, witnesses. All pointing toward him. IS he guilty. More than like YES! Thats how I work, I see a web, like very large jigsaw and it all fits.

  19. America can't even gain control of Afghanistan yet you think "they" could create a global government controlling the world !?!

    You are totally IRRATIONAL and basically INSANE.

  20. You're right he shouldn't have said, "then explain how it was not a controlled demolition." However some of the points that he brought up do raise cause for concern of doubt in the main story told.. that the explosion of a hijacked plane's jet fuel caused the structural failure of the steel framed WTC inside of an hour. Several repudiable physicists' and first responders' testimonies raise reasonable doubt in the plausability of that explanation of how the towers collapsed.

  21. Ummm, no. It's proven by Newtonian physics to be a controlled demolition. NO debunker has been able to explain how an object can ACCELERATE through resistance greater than it's static weight. Nor can they explain how Newton's third law is violated by the fact that for every floor destroyed in the lower section, a floor must be destroyed in the falling section, so after 15 floors there would be no more pile driver. .
    NO debunker can explain the freefall of building 7 that PROVES explosives.

  22. Note that these 'mainstream skeptics' never or very rarely offer evidence or facts, they constantly smear character, or accuse 'conspiracy theorists' of delusional thinking.
    Man made global warming. Skeptics "No hotspot, mediaeval warm period hotter globally than today, no discernible human-induced trend, no warming for past 17 years, no sea level rise increase, no sea temp increase, above average antarctic ice, CO2 rise lags 800 years behind temp rise etc."
    Alarmists "…Consensus!.."

  23. Have you ever heard of a thing called inertia and perhaps momentum?

    Are you one of these 9/11 twoofers that still thinks the towers fell at free fall speeds?


  24. Usual conspiracy theorist cowardice.

    Make a claim, asked to back it up with rational discourse, run away.

    Usually they try to use some type of distorted or misunderstood perception regarding science like in this case Newton's Laws of Motion.

    Clearly Indrasblade39 couldn't even pass a grade 10 level physics exam yet he proclaims his knowledge of Newton's laws means 911 is a conspiracy.

    When faced with counter claims and logic showing flaws in their reasoning then simply run away like cowards.

  25. I don't question at all whether or not the towers were demolished or fell naturally. I question who Bin Laden was, I question how they found passports undamaged blocks from the towers, why NORAD stood down, etc.

  26. So the big thing in your mind is the fact they found a passport on the ground?

    Are you aware of flight 1771?

    They found the suicide killer's note in the wreckage.

    A piece of paper has little to no mass so it's not surprising if it's ejected from a crash etc that it might remain intact. Also that passport was in the cockpit during impact so it's no surprise it continued forward through the building and exited the other side.

    Do you deny that some of the plane went right through the building?

  27. Independent critical thinker? That's a problem already. People are both rational and irrational. Sometimes we get over-emotional about something. We then use critical thinking in an unconsciously biased way.

    We need other critical thinks to spot when our emotions are hihacking our rationality. So 'independent' isn't always great.

  28. I think what you teach is very important. I think your way of explaining is also very valuable.
    The way you toe the line on this issue on indicating rather you are for or against conspiracies, is very well done. I don't know you, and I'm never really sure about your own opinions about conspiracies and ulterior motives. But, I think it adds value to your educational videos that you don't express your personal feelings. I believe this is because people may be biased against you if they found you to be for or against their conclusions on the subject matter.
    So, Kudos.

  29. So if the theory is that the "powers that be" et al. intentionally took critical thinking subjects out of education, any conspiracy theory that has them in that level of control at any point when they have been added to any publicly available education program is inconsistent.
    Is some sort of list of generalized conspiracy counterarguments that I should be adding this to?

  30. Yeah the US Mafia… that was a nefarious conspiracy. Conspiring to break the law and cause harm etc… The mafia operated in secrecy for years before the feds found out about it. It was a theory by investigators until they discovered the actual extent of the conspiracy…

  31. Such claims are seen as "delusional" in some respects because to admit the possibility or extent of conspiracy would unravel the fabric of our society. How about looking into MK Ultra or the Mafia .. proven conspiracies that should make us weary and vigilant at all times.

  32. Most conspiracy theorists want the "easy" answer; can't understand that it's a complex world. Conspiracy theorists, bring forth your evidence and convince the world or shut the Hell up. You're costing money and lives now. And don't post a link to some 14-year-old's jumbled video of faked documents and photos; go convince a major news organization or a major group that your conspiracy theory is correct (I fear for you if you find yourself standing in front of a bunch of critical thinkers because they'll tear you to shreds if you don't come correct with the evidence). Your fantasy is not the world's reality. Keep that shit in your house.

  33. isn't conspiracy theory a sort of a ad hominem fallacy?, imho most conspiracy theories break only at the end and by then they make some good points either true or false, i.e. we (generally the people, laymen) wouldn't think of why the flag on the moon behave as it does if there's no wind, but there's also no air resistance. Some other points are not that easy to dispute (not talking about moon landing but otherwise), and that's when we hear "he is a conspiracy theorist". It seems to me that we often stand hopeless in front of the facts not knowing what to do or where to put them, because if you acknowledge their validity you cannot go about as usual and therefor you deem people who confront you with such facts a conspiracy theorists.

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